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Democrat-Republican Government
Never Solves Our Problems



• Senator McConnell's associated PAC along with the National Republican Senatorial Committee support re-election of Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski (RINO) who cancelled bipartisan provisions that would have protected our electric grid -- our very lives -- against EMP

• While Trump did get border wall construction started, facilitated the vaccine and America First policies, he did little to resist the ballooning national debt. He raised or suspended the debt ceiling three times before COVID.

• Admittedly Trump has given fodder to the opposition with his bombasticism, rambling debate interruptions, revolving-door advisors, etc., but the pretentious Never Trumpers like former GOP chairman Michael Steele, commentator Bill Kristol (D-R), presidential candidate John Kasich, Congresswoman Liz Cheney support at least two of: frivolous impeachment, eternal war in Afghanistan, Biden's presidency

• Reintroduced constitutional amendment to ban flag burning thus abridging free speech: Senators Marsha Blackburn TN, Mike Crapo ID, Shelley Moore Capito WV, Kevin Cramer ND, Steve Daines MT

• Republicans passed massive deficit omnibus bill in spring of 2018

• Party held show votes to repeal Obamacare while Obama was in office but then they reneged after winning House, Senate & White House

• Senator Mitch McConnell worked on a bill to fully fund Planned Parenthood, Obamacare and Iran Nuclear Deal. He has little priority for limited government and has steered campaign funds towards establishment types at expense of constitutionalist candidates.

• They refuse the FairTax which would make for an excellent free market answer towards a living wage and help reduce tax-favored lobbying

• Have yet to one-up the same-sex debate by getting government out of licensing marriage altogether!

• Opposed valid medical marijuana for chemo sufferers just because pot offends them

• Senators McCain and Graham complained over Rand Paul filibuster which nonetheless made Obama administration finally make a more definite statement over domestic drone killing policy on noncombatant U.S. citizens

• RNC issued party "autopsy" post 2012 sympathetic to de facto amnesty, embracing moderate or pro-establishment candidates instead of building a more traditionalist, constitutionalist party to function as an opposition

• Pres. candidate Romney strapped with Romneycare, denied effective tax cuts for upper brackets, had apology tour over "47%" comment, lacked tax system replacement plan. Short on explanations, justifications and tenacity in exposing opponent

• Conspired against the grassroots at their 2012 convention via commandeering a bus of delegates meanwhile a suspiciously scripted teleprompter and floor vote was carried out by establishment operator & House Speaker John Boehner

• Party produces 'RINO's & sellouts like McCain, Schwarzenegger, Colin Powell, Arlen Specter, Susan Collins

• Most Republicans of an earlier incarnation of the Senate attached near 4,000 earmarks to an omnibus spending bill

• Former Republican Senator Scott Brown (MA) enabled passage of former Sen. Harry Reid's (D) $15 billion jobs bill & a bureaucratic bailout: the Wall St. "reform" package

• McCain shared pool of potential presidential appointees with Obama

• Killjoy Republicans just had to outlaw online gambling, moral reasons suspect to protection of physical casino industry

• Republican Establishment in 2009 screwed up in NY district 23 race by supporting the most liberal-progressive candidate running as a Republican and not supporting the more constitutional candidate who ran third-party. Republicans had seated that district since 1873


• Signed away your free speech rights on McCain's campaign finance "reform"

• Preached homeland security while leaving border wide-open

• Made you pay more for steel products due to protectionist trade tariffs, nearly causing a trade war

• Doubled the national debt, provided scant vetoes over government growth

• With Sec. Paulson forced banks to take TARP money

• With McCain supported amnesty for illegal border crossers

• Wavered on Iraq War engagement strategy prolonging the war and eluding victory

- - - - - - -

• A Republican led Congress caved in to burdensome, questionable Sarbanes-Oxley which some blame for chasing companies off the stock market

• Some Republican supporters opposed lifesaving, STD cervical cancer vaccine thru schools because they thought it promotes promiscuity

• Icon Reagan reneged tax-cut package and practiced harsh trade protectionism

• A party whose history is centralization and mercantilism, masquerading as the small government party since the Wilsonian era

• Overbearing party machine which thwarts true constitutional, free market candidates and governance

• A state-subsidized party that will never provide the complete solution needed to save America

• Historic and current war-on-drugs zealotry has eroded individual rights and played into the hand of government intrusions and our current cultural backlashes against law enforcement

• Gutless and cannot reform


Reasons For The Commonwealth Party...

The Republican and Democrat two-party system has nearly destroyed a free and prosperous America. The federal government is virtually bankrupt. State and local governments are taking on massive debt through pumped-up public pensions, unfunded liabilities while passing bonds unboundedly for cover. Citizens are taxed at a rate higher than European serfs during the Feudal Age. Typical two-income households have to devote most of one income towards taxation -- paying more than food, clothing and shelter combined.

Despite all the massive revenue taken from the most wealthy nation in history, the politicians have failed in their scheme to end poverty, produce affordable health care, furnish sound and adequate retirement, sustain quality and affordable education and have not yielded a flexible self-sustaining economy. Instead they have let America become vulnerable to cyber, EMP and missile attack; allowed gang rein in the prisons with domestic unrest in the streets, closed the ballot to truly free and open elections and debauched the currency all while trampling your personal, property and self-defense rights.

The Republican and Democrat parties have been heading towards total failure on every level without excuse. They are the political Pharisees and Sadducees of our time. Only by removing their exclusive and eclipsing power can the nation be saved.

Secession Is Not Radical Because You Have Already Seceded Yourself.

By exclusively voting Republican and Democrat all these years and not taking primaries or third parties more seriously, you have allowed for little check on the government seceding from the traditional and intended standards of the country's founding. This has resulted in the introduction of unconstitutional and/or improper programs like the Social Security Ponzi scheme, the oppressive income tax, the Federal Reserve fraud, the bankrupting Medicaid/Medicare boondoggles plus fiascos like FEMA, FDA, EPA, ATF, TSA and of course the oppressive IRS.

The two parties have allowed for the inappropriate amendment of the constitution which has made the states more like mere regional federal possessions at the whims of a vast, centralized national government. State governments no longer have adequate representation at the federal level, whereas state legislatures used to appoint US Senators. Also, the ability to nationally tax the people directly is no longer proportional to enumeration (population) of the States which has enabled reckless and profligate spending and has allowed for the continuing income tax and IRS abuses. Thus, the once free Republic has been moved more towards an unstable, mob-rule democracy.

Note too the corruption of state governments regarding the restrictions of the US Constitution and to their own original constitutions and those founding principles as well. For instance, state governments are actually required to pay all debts in gold or silver coin only. Other examples are state income taxes, asset forfeiture, eminent domain abuse and appointment of presidential electors without proper sanction of state legislatures.

The Union government establishment has done next to nothing to keep the illegals from invading the states. There is a higher allegiance to the globalists and to dilution of lawful citizenship and to the elimination of national borders on the North American continent. You and your land are mere collateral for the New World Order.

Unaffordable housing, high unemployment, volatile markets, currency debasement, overzealous lockdowns and civil unrest are the reckonings of their policies. Now you see that you can no longer afford to settle for the two-party evils.

Withdrawing from an occupied and imposter America has become a more viable option. Countering that is a return to constitutional rule.

Our ballots should immediately be open to real competition -- not closed to independents and third parties nor skewed by canned debates. The taxpayer campaign funding of Republicans and Democrats should immediately cease, for this would be real campaign finance reform. Only then can the 'royal' career politicians be ousted and our government returned to citizen rule. All this is much better than what the career politicians should get -- for they deserve the guillotine for denying our right to free elections, falsifying the securities of the United States (Coinage Act 1792 - Sect. 19) and compromising the national security of the people.

We will triumph over them, for they have lost the mandate of heaven by their corruption.


• Biden administration allowing open-border chaos, an influx of illegals the administration secretly relocates about the country

• Printing and digitizing trillions of dollars in debt to sustain reckless stimulus spending resulting in a wave of inflation

• Kills jobs cancelling Keystone XL pipeline and ending productive federal oil land leases while empowering Putin to sell oil to Europe by lifting sanctions on Nord Stream II

• Delayed withdrawal from Afghanistan risking a rise in fruitless combat

- - - - - - -

• Slanted legacy media for Democrats lambasted Trump over pandemic response while ignoring Cuomo spreading COVID through NY nursing homes for months

• Representative Maxine Waters, Obama's attorney general Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton gave oratory aid and comfort to BLM, Antifa rioters

• Party associates and their legacy media colluders have espoused anti-caucasian, anti-male, anti-capitalist, anti-American rhetoric. Disregard rule of law more and more to achieve their ends.

• Democrat Party takes blacks for granted: Urban quagmire policies, deny black constituents school choice, socialism over traditionalist blacks, racialism over law and order

• Showed more concern in appeasing brutal tyrants and with trial rights of barbarian terrorists than the long-term protection of their victims

• President Clinton transferred sensitive missile and nuclear technology to China

• Support higher gas prices by denying domestic drilling and refineries while subsidizing flimsy green jobs

• Think the Social Security Ponzi scheme is just fine and will not deal with its inevitable bankruptcy

• Rather diminish Wal-Mart or overregulate oil companies than expose the anti-West agenda of their Islama-collectivist allies: Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR)

• They give lip service at best to simplify the tax code while weaponizing the IRS. They raise corporate taxes that you pay for in higher costs of living. It's always more laws, more taxation, more spending, more government and less individual accountability and freedom

• A party of radicals and collective corporatists. High tax redistribution, grifting champagne socialism, now intersectional Marxism. Cultural dystopia & America-last worldview. Needs to embrace decentralized centrism in order to reclaim credibility

• "Defund the police!" ...Really?


• Obama lectured us on gun control after granting immunity concerning Fast & Furious gun sale to Mexican gangs. Administration resignations followed. Evidence suggests officials knew more than they let on.

• Bailed out GE after CEO Jeffrey Immelt made deal to support Obama campaign in '08. Obama gave fat-cat Immelt head position on his jobs council. GE then enjoyed a tax-free period

• Inadequate action to protect Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi, Libya despite repeated requests before attack. Typical Obama regime obfuscation provided no access to survivors or witnesses afterwards despite claiming otherwise

• Obama put out timely college basketball brackets while violating the law by usually issuing a late budget. His budgets were frivolous jokes -- even his own party voted against them!

• Was the most reckless bankrupting politician in world history at the time. Accumulated more debt than all previous presidents COMBINED!

• Allowed for a large fleet of spy drones to fly over typical Americans

• Leaked Osama bin Laden raid details to Hollywood & outed the Pakistani doctor who helped locate him which led to our ally's imprisonment. International intelligence community blamed administration for exposing another operation against airline bombers

• Con artist Obama practiced predatory corporate welfare in order to control and subdue the free market economy

• Saboteur Obama impeded measures to contain BP oil leak in Gulf of Mexico

• Obama The Terrible abetted invasion of AZ through lawsuit against their immigration law using phony racial arguments

• Obama killed offshore oil-drilling jobs with unnecessary moratorium

• Admitted we were out of money while putting trillions toward a doomed, government-rationed health care debacle

• Quadrupled Bush's record deficit then said he was saving the taxpayer money by cutting less than 1% off that new debt!

• Some Democrats considered imposition of an additional national retail sales tax (VAT) at 10-25% to cover Obama spending!

• Obama, Pelosi & Gore campaigned for cap-and-trade system that would make gas, electricity more expensive and dearth America's energy and manufacturing sectors

• Considered charging veterans' private health insurance for war injuries!

• Hindered war effort by applying inappropriate civil protocols in war situations (Miranda rights for enemy combatants)

• Altered rules of engagement in Afghanistan to our disadvantage, putting our troops in greater peril

• Inefficient, insidious sugar daddy to the incompetent masses

-- How The Politicians Have Ripped You Off --

FEDERAL RESERVE FRAUD -- The banksters and politicians colluded to defraud you of the valuable gold and silver coinage you could have accrued true wealth with. They needed an unending supply of easy money from which to bribe voters into dependency while enriching themselves and yielding great power over us. They have enslaved everyone to their debt notes. To do all this, they created a central bank called the 'Federal Reserve' despite that it is not really federal and there are no real applicable reserves. "From the Great Depression, to the stagflation of the '70s, to the burst of the bubble...every economic downturn suffered by the country over the last 80 years can be traced to Federal Reserve policy" -- that from 'rogue elephant' former Congressman Ron Paul of Texas. While the colluders spend their false money which can be printed up at will, they bankrupt the nation through continual inflation plus the interest where you pay the final bill of their debt-based currency scheme. The current unconstitutional dollar is nearing collapse as you read this regardless of its portrayal as being sound in terms of a basket of likewise flimsy fiat currencies. Visit: (See also the Communist Manefesto - 5th plank)

SOCIAL SECURITY SCAM -- For up to $90k income earners, around 12% of your compensation for labor goes to Social Security including the matching funds coerced out of your employer. Around age 65, you will then be paid back in monthly increments though you may die before getting back the full amount you put in. Regardless, you could have yielded much more for your retirement than what Social Security does return. A private savings or investment account with compound interest could return a multiple of the increments paid out to you by Social Security. Spendthrift politicians have other plans and want to intercept and raid you of your retirement money -- the Social Security "trust fund" is already a pile of I.O.U.s. There is no binding contract for Social Security to provide you with any benefits as Congress can change those benefits 'at any time' and they will do so as it heads towards insolvency. Social Security is also an impediment which lessens or denies leaving an inheritance for your family. Some politicians actually think that this retirement Ponzi scheme is a great idea and that it should not be touched. Are you gullible enough to let this continue? Go to: Cato Institute on Social Security (Refer to: Communist Manefesto - 3rd plank)

INCOME TAX SWINDLE -- The Communist Manefesto calls for a "heavy...graduated income tax" (2nd plank). It is warped and highly inefficient. The top half of income earners pay about 97% of the federal income tax burden while the bottom half only pays 3%. That's why tax cuts seemingly apply only to "the rich". Having the income tax system plus its associated payroll taxes (regressive), estate taxes, Social Security, Medicare, federal gas tax, etc., we actually end up paying kinda twice the amount that is necessary. This is because the friction of our holistic income tax system unnecessarily increases the cost of goods and services throughout the economy. Applying the FairTax plan where we remove all of that, prices would drop sufficiently low so that we would have room for a 30% sales tax on just new products and services at retail with the final bill at the cash register coming out about nearly the same. Education costs, business-to-business production, investments, savings, and used items would be exempt. At that point, you would be paying all the tax necessary to keep the same amount of revenue going to the federal government. Now your paycheck will no longer be subject to withholding and payroll taxes plus you get a prebate check each month that reimburses you for all the sales tax you pay up to poverty level (its version of the income tax standard deduction) which is supplemented for dependents. State & local income taxes are option to plan inclusion with similar reductive results.

The income tax code itself is so complex and convoluted that it is difficult and time-consuming to comply to and because of that it is easy to find some mistake, vagueness or interpretation against those engaging in more broad financial instruments and transactions. This makes it a tool against citizens. Note too that filing income tax is a method the government uses to spy on your finances and manipulate the public's choices. Withholding is how the government borrows money from you interest-free (assuming you get a refund) while you pay harsh penalties for missed deadlines and underestimated incomes. The IRS is basically an extortionist operation. Let us rid ourselves of this abusive and inefficient tax system kept in place by the authoritarian control freaks.

You can find much more information at

Here is a quick reference:

FairTax Quick View: Item Shelf Price Imbedded Cost From Drag On Economy Due To Income Tax Checkout Total
(minus state & local sales taxes)
Don't Forget....

Income Tax
$100 $22
(about 22%)
$100 You still have to pay withholding plus any penalties, tax preparers or other filing burdens.


30% @ retail

(Yields a 23%
tax percentage
total bill
after sale.)

$78 Removed:
$100 - $22 = $78

($78 x 1.3)

- or -

(used items, education costs & business production purchases exempt)
No federal (or state) withholding! Thus, you can get your gross pay! You also get a monthly prebate check reimbursing the head of household (supplemental X #dependents) for taxation on necessities up to the poverty level! Savings, investments and the poor go untaxed! Government revenue remains the same or goes higher. As the economy grows, your wages & salaries increase!

HEALTH CARE DEBACLE -- Just as government overregulation has led to indebtedness without actually solving problems whether in banking, retirement and public finance -- it should not be surprising that the same has happened in government-controlled health care. Entangling subsidies, mandates and government programs work to pour lots of government cash into the health care system which bids up prices while simultaneously strangulating private insurers and providers with absurd, stringent regulations that limit access. All of this works to further drive up prices resulting in more calls for bureaucracy and regulations in order to control the higher costs caused by the government interference to begin with. This is not to mention high medical malpractice suit limits.

There are people saying we have a right to health care and that government must step in to force provision. Well even in the legal sphere where our Miranda Rights and Amendment VI guarantee legal counsel if one cannot afford an attorney, not many really relish settling for a public defender in a trial. Instead most people prefer the better results of a hired attorney. Likewise, who would want to settle for the questionable, public-defender model medical care given at the government's VA centers? Now has anyone's cost for medical care or medical insurance dropped since invocation of the ACA? Also how well have bureaucrats and established politicians generally handled COVID-19 and the draconian lockdowns? Meanwhile, denying people over thirty from buying lower-premium, higher-deductible catastrophic coverage or from purchasing health insurance over state lines and mandating certain levels or types of coverage is essentially an infringement on your right to tailor your own health care, is it not?

The politicians like to boast about forcing coverage of pre-existing conditions but that is really something you should take credit for through paying higher premiums. Wouldn't it be better without all these forced inefficiencies throughout the economy and in health care where personal budgets and the market would have more room to better provide for all these services at lower cost? Pre-existing conditions could be better handled with a combination of lower priced new "buffet" plans and supplemental insurance along with specialized high risk insurance akin to the car insurance market on behalf of high risk drivers kept as low as possible by buyer-in-numbers. For the next option we would rely on non-profit / donor research / charity hospitals in the likes of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Shriners Hospitals for Children, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals and Cedars-Sinai to name a few which have been highly successful even in this environment. As a last resort, local and state governments could then better handle any remaining shortfalls as centralized, big federal government steps aside allowing for more regional efficiency towards such endeavors.

It is very telling that Congress, certain staffers and federal employees plus the president are exempt from the current health care plan. We should move away from the current big government scheme that rations against those who actually pay into the system and embrace a deregulated, contract-enforced, free market health system that will much better facilitate value per dollar and make for a prosperous allowance towards uninsured and underinsured health care. To get the specifics on how big government regulated away affordable health care, read the archived classic (magnify your browser text) from the 2000 Harry Browne campaign.

EDUCATION MISMANAGEMENT -- The overzealous closing of schools over the pandemic and now the denial by certain establishment education and media figures of the vicious revenge racialism of Critical Race Theory gives rise to the perfect opportunity to get out from under the clutches of the education monopoly.

Instead of addressing America's decline in education, teacher's unions and various school boards have pushed failed policies like No Child Left Behind and Common Core while opposing vouchers for alternatives like private schools, home schooling and charter schools. With the recent unduly extended school closures and abuses of CRT, the educrats have inspired a new demand for school choice countering their failures and indoctrination methods. With the pandemic resulting in more open retail space and having given exposure to the new edtechs, we now have more options and incentive to break away from the government-run schools. There should be no-strings-attached vouchers towards such efforts to keep educrats from imposing proxy conditions. Remember that private schools fare better and are on national average less expensive -- by par the tax dollars allocated towards each public school student exceeds private dollars to educate each private student. (Note Communist Manefesto - 10th plank) School & State

NATIONAL DEBT DISGRACE -- Trillions of dollars in recent stimulus on top of an already massive debt shows just how the two-party establishment politicians have no will or desire to cut spending and shrink the national debt that you will pay for in economic collapse and loss of government services. We look at some of the recent pork spending and propose places to cut, the accounting of the debt and how or how not to approach it: 'THE CANCEL WITHHOLDING STIMULUS'

AND BY THE WAY..... Forget about overregulating emissions because of "man-made" global warming or climate disaster. It is more reasonable according to the earth's history (and a conducive sun with more active underwater volcanism) that we may cycle into another Ice Age. How serious are you about following the science on climate change?

COMPARE: Who's Gouging Gas?


About 10¢ per Gal.

FEDERAL TAXES: Around 18¢ per Gal.


Between 6 - 50¢ per Gal.

(Around 22¢ per Gal. ~ Nat'l Avg.)


0 to 20¢ per Gal.

A lot of the oil acquired by our private oil companies has to be bought off the world market. Foreign state-owned oil companies manage/control/own near 80-90% of the world's oil. These subsidized state-run companies are able to out bid or even impede our private oil companies for access to worldwide oil. On top of that, the nationalized oil companies' inherent inefficiencies and their geopolitics make getting and refining oil more difficult - further adding to the cost for the rest of us. Since all this is the case, then governments are obviously the big gas gougers. Add to that we are getting scant or no new refineries!

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