All bills shall be limited to a certain number of pages with a standard size for their particular fonts and/or a limitation on the working text of a bill to a certain number of words or characters. Commensurate with such quantities will be a minimum amount of reasonable time for Congress members to read and study the bill, ask questions to its sponsors and to discuss the bill behind the scene in chambers and for debate. When brought up to the floor for a final vote a minimum amount of time must have passed for public inspection before the bill is finally subjected to 'Yays' and 'Nays' towards passage.

Should there be any initiative that is undertaken whose length goes beyond these limits in the size of bills, then such initiative is to be split into a series of resolutions meeting the required text and time requirements where each is passed separately where the final caboose in such a series (accounting for process changes) when approved invokes the previous resolutions and itself as one whole bill. Option to pass a synoptic resolution beforehand outlining structures of the initiative to see whether there is going to be enough support and resources for any such endeavour.

Title of the legislation should be accurate to its actual proposed functions and relevant to the subject(s) covered. If grossly short or inverse of that the legislation should be rejected until an appropriate enough title affixed. A habit of outside review and appraisal toward such proposed titles should act as a guide. If agreement to title becomes futile -- merely resort to reference of the legislation by its bill number which cues the populace of disagreement Congress has over the interpretation or purpose of the legislation. In such futility, alternate nicknames of the legislation may be listed at the beginning on behalf of each faction in Congress.

Earmarks should be limited in number and relevant to the subject(s) of the bill. Off-the-wall earmarks to hide particular pork and pet projects of certain members will be basis to reject the legislation. Outside ratings and review towards these ends should become habitual by precedent as well.

Bills that fall out of these guidelines will be rejected by Commonwealth officeholders until these safety parameters are met. There shall be no more phone-book stack(s) of hurried, overnight legislation in order to "...pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.* " once these legislative protocols are instituted.

*Nancy Pelosi's infamous words as House Speaker