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Let's Talk About Race

We are constantly being told that we must have a talk about race. However when people do talk about race they tend to meander into the mass media narratives of late. These narratives do not paint the whole picture or even accurately portray what is really occurring. Everyone then has emotional reactions - they tend to retreat into camps and nothing is realized or achieved. It becomes just another cycle of finger-pointing.

Nobody in their right mind would deny the abuses suffered by 'African' Americans in our history from slavery to lynchings. A bloody civil war was fought which resulted in the end of slavery but it would take yet another 100 years just to begin their full civil inclusion. This is the source of their constant skepticism about overcoming racism and obtaining fair treatment in American society. One has to tip their hat to them for not giving over to greater mass revolt after a litany of events such as the Emmett Till case and even the disenfranchisement of the Tuskegee Airmen. It is hard to imagine why they would want to bother with trying to be accepted as Americans after the treatment they received. Yet, very admirably, many do want to be full Americans and to have the same rights and privileges as the rest of America even with such a long history of being treated like dirt.

However, despite all of that there is a definite case for criticism over the goings on inside some parts of the African American community and culture. In it we see a shocking breakdown of family structure - namely absent fathers and out-of-wedlock births. Too many embrace or tolerate the politics of co-dependence reliant on government social programs and socialistic policies which have never worked for anyone anywhere. Socialism's geographical and ethnic failures include: Red China, white Russians, East Germans, Latino Venezuela & Cuba, the black nations of Zimbabwe or recent South Africa plus the domestic violence and dysfunction from the progressive white-guilt Antifa and their African American compliment Black Lives Matter.

The black left is calling for its maintenance or rise to power but note that its constituent black communities are suffering a greater educational disparity as old-school black leadership puts limits on school choice. Crime is a major problem in these enclaves where black-on-black crime is rampant under an urban gang culture. There is a loss of respect for authority and rule of law which is tolerated through the over-extended excuse that America has been constantly against them. Yet who is now responsible for most of the black victims of violence and murder today? Is it roving KKK lynch-mobs to blame? Is it overzealous white police officers targeting blacks as the media would have you believe? No, the main culprit is black-on-black crime and the numbers researched herein will reflect this.

The legacy news media in this country would rather disproportionately highlight any white-on-black incidents in order to sensationalize race relations in America to benefit their favored leftist political grandstanders and the old-school black leadership and interest groups. It's way past time for us to call foul on such skewed narratives and inform everyone of what the overall racial disparity and crime statistics really are and point to the true sources of black disadvantage. We must overcome the flock-mentality of certain inhabitants in places like Ferguson who riot and torch minority & black-owned businesses which sets them back like what was done in Watts during a prior generation. They must be corrected from their addiction to the drama of victimhood pride and from using the past's actual or today's supposed racial oppressions as constant excuse for every personal inability to achieve prosperity. Time has come to break the cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias that afflicts perceptions of race in American society sured up by the legacy media and the old-school black leadership. Still we recognize that not all blacks and black communities are plagued like this to full extent. Many blacks today are self-sufficient contributors to society and as well there has been notable progress against racism and thus it cannot be blamed for everything that is going wrong in African American society.

The various schools of African American thought must be challenged to see the light to what truly afflicts them now and the proper solutions. What may have been attributed to racism in the past can now be attributed to differences or defects in culture and character - affecting them as a class structure today. So not every denied loan, not every stare of disapproval, not every rainy day is based solely on racial affiliations. In light of all this we now ask why go to such lengths like school bussing in order to desegregate yet then provide option for enrollment in all black colleges? If quotas are necessary for equal opportunity then all races must represent same in all professions as to their particular share of population - correct? So why not limit blacks to their nearly 15% of population share when it comes to NBA & NFL players while also demanding a higher percentage than their current ranks in the NHL, NASCAR & USPGA? Why allow any lopsided black participation in sports and entertainment in general while not forcing increase in the sciences and financial sectors? Blacks were denied access to many such institutions years ago -- remember -- and they overcame discriminatory pressures to get in. Yet today, some blacks chastise their own for attempting to break the habitual one-party | 90% allegiance to the Democrats when whites are able to enjoy more natural, generally observed average leanings nearer to say 45% - 55% within the albeit imposed two-party system.

Accordingly with all of this it is prime time to end the constant knee-jerk accusations and blame on every disparity being attributed to racism and begin looking at countering the effects of Sharptonism perpetrated throughout our society by the legacy media, old-school black leadership and even our educational, corporate and governmental institutions at large. This is not to mention the interpersonal spheres.

Finally, African Americans today should stress for themselves more civic responsibility and not just civil rights otherwise they will end up in communities under de-facto martial law due to urban chaos. Once greater of their number truly open their minds and become more constitutionally aware, honor rule-of-law and market disciplines then African Americans will not only be better equipped for the road to full inclusion but more will be individually sought out by the rest of the population according to their merits. Such African Americans may then want to differentiate themselves as no longer beholden and diminished by the collective. They may perhaps adopt a final moniker - that of American Nubians.

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Definitions included are from


Anxiety that results from simultaneously holding contradictory or otherwise incompatible attitudes, beliefs, or the like, as when one likes a person but disapproves strongly of one of his or her habits.


Bias that results from the tendency to process and analyze information in such a way that it supports one’s preexisting ideas and convictions.

~ Confirmation bias is a major issue when we get all our news from social media sites.

~ Unfortunately, their experimental method was proven invalid due to confirmation bias.


RACIALISM has had some differing uses & definitions over time but a better use for the 21st century would be to define racialism equal to Shartponism -- as in going too far in being concerned about racial issues (that is to cry wolf over racism, 'racial' + 'ism').

NUBIAN: (British) 4. Informal_ of or relating to Black culture.

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Slavery, Segregation Dems

Here we have a not-so-strong defense against the racist history of the Democrat Party:

'Later, President and Democrat Andrew Johnson opposed equal rights for black people even though he was Lincoln’s vice-president.'

'The Democratic Party remained identified with the former slave states and racist politics for decades, with heavies like Senator Richard Russell (D-Georgia) arguing against federal anti-lynching legislation on the basis of what he called minority rights (the minority being the former slave states).'

'The only difference between these regions is that institutional racism was simply more obvious in the former Confederacy. Bigoted attitudes and systems have always existed in so-called PC liberal bastions.' ~ by Alberto Luperon | Nov 7th, 2016

'The Democratic Party identified itself as the "white man's party" and demonized the Republican Party as being "Negro dominated," even though whites were in control.''

'The South remained a one-party region until the Civil Rights movement began in the 1960s. Northern Democrats, most of whom had prejudicial attitudes towards blacks, offered no challenge to the discriminatory policies of the Southern Democrats.' ~ Richard Wormser

Not sure about referencing Marxist sources but this indepth treatise on the Democratic party's history sounds reasonable for the first few pages at least. It is very long and historical so this post unable to account for whole work. Perhaps the strategy is to expose the Democrat party and have it replaced with a socialist party.

'The conflicts outside of the political system led to a dramatic change in the two-party system. Many Northern capitalists were tired of compromise and wanted to weaken their opponents by striking at the heart of their system. They formed a new political party which was thoroughly opposed to the Democrats, the Republican Party. The Republican Party, like the Whig Party, fought for the economic interests of the Northern capitalists. Unlike the Whigs however, the Republicans called for an end to the power of the Southern slaveholders to dominate the Federal Government. The Republicans started to use some of the abolitionists’ moral condemnation of slavery in their rhetoric.'

'The population of the South had been divided and conquered by force and the Democrats were re-integrated into the political system as the party of racism and terror. The most democratic experiment in U.S. history died at their hands.'

'Did you know that the Democratic Party defended slavery, started the Civil War, founded the KKK, and fought against every major civil rights act in U.S. history? Watch as Carol Swain, professor of political science at Vanderbilt University, shares the inconvenient history of the Democratic Party.' ~ Carol Swain | May 22, 2017

'Jackson established the Democratic Party as the party of theft. He mastered the art of stealing land from the Indians and then selling it at giveaway prices to white settlers.'

'Democrats in the 1880s invented segregation and Jim Crow laws that lasted through the 1960s. Democrats also came up with the “separate but equal” rationale that justified segregation and pretended that it was for the benefit of African Americans.'

'Leading Democrats including at least one president, two Supreme Court justices, and innumerable Senators and Congressmen were Klan members. The last one, Robert Byrd, died in 2010 and was eulogized by President Obama and former President Bill Clinton.'

'Margaret Sanger—founder of Planned Parenthood and a role model for Hillary Clinton—supported such causes as eugenics and social Darwinism.....Sanger’s Negro Project was specifically focused on reducing the black population.' ~ By Dinesh D'Souza | July 22, 2016

'Members of the party that claims to be the best friend of the black man do their very best to entomb their misdeeds, injustices, and crimes against blacks in an Orwellian memory hole. Here are just a few of the ugly things that Democrats have done to blacks, and hope no one will remember:' ~ By DEROY MURDOCK | February 28, 2017

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Black Political Allegiances

What fuels some of the black political loyalties? What are their beliefs? What are they told and how accurate?................

'Let us face facts. America is not a democracy—a system in which people have the ability to participate meaningfully in the construction and governance of society. This is so not only because a militarized police force, bent on crushing dissent and containing oppressed populations, routinely monitors, represses, brutalizes, and slaughters us. It is so not only because the major political parties conspire with their corporate masters to manipulate the electoral process. It is so not only because insular political clans (from the Bushes to the Clintons) hoard power within an oligarchical, dynastic elite.'

'So let us stop viewing presidential campaigns—this quadrennial feud between rival wings of empire—as opportunities for real political expression or advancement. The people who actually run the system are bankers and plutocrats and architects of the international trade agreements that ravage our economies and destabilize our lives. And none of them are elected.'

'If we want an end to war, white supremacy, and mind-boggling inequality, we must rely on ourselves. We must build popular movements able to storm the structures of power while offering people positive social alternatives. Only a permanent revolution of the oppressed can bring about meaningful change. Democracy cannot be orchestrated from above. It must be engineered from below.' ~ By Russell Rickford | October 23, 2016

'Black women candidates feel unsupported by the party. Kimberly Hill Knot, a candidate for Congress from Michigan, notices that issues important to African Americans, particularly in cities, have been sidelined in the fight between moderates and progressives. As she told a reporter, “I think some of the other groups (like progressives) have gotten more attention than any racial group… I don’t hear the national party talking about an urban agenda.” The national party, these women argue, cares only about money and the ability to raise funds.'

'In the late nineteenth century in particular a significant cadre of Black women, many who could not vote at all, denounced publicly uncritical support of the Republican Party, which had become the political home for African American voters after the Civil War. They joined growing voices calling for a Black independent politics that advocated supporting whichever candidate from whichever party best supported their interests in the expansion and protection of civil rights. They rejected calls for Republican loyalty based on a supposed noble past as the party of abolition, Lincoln, and emancipation. What mattered was what the party was doing now and for many the answer was: very little. '

'These nineteenth century protests attempted to move a mass of Black voters toward independent politics, yet most remained loyal Republicans. This push for racial political autonomy, however, nourished the roots of large-scale Black protest in twentieth century organizations like the Niagara Movement and the NAACP..... These new organizations thrived and in some ways replaced the role of national political parties in Black politics. Activists today, like those of the past, refuse to be taken for granted and are holding the national parties accountable for the support of African American interests. Although polling shows African Americans still overwhelmingly support Democratic candidates, political parties should take note of the past and present African American disillusionment with supposed political allies.' ~ By Millington Bergeson-Lockwood | July 3, 2018

'When President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965, he cemented a political alliance between African Americans and the Democratic Party that continues to this day. But celebrating these landmark pieces of legislation makes it easy to overlook what black people in the United States lost when civil rights and equality for blacks were hitched to the Democratic Party. '

'After the 1964 election, where Republican candidate Barry Goldwater described the Civil Rights Act as unconstitutional, black voters essentially found themselves in a one-party system for presidential elections'....

'This is a problem for black voters, because the Democratic Party’s vision of racial justice is also extremely limited. Northern liberals pioneered what scholars now call “colorblind racism.” That’s when racially neutral language makes extreme racial inequalities appear to be the natural outcome of innocent private choices or free-market forces rather than intentional public policies like housing covenants, federal mortgage redlining, public housing segregation, and school zoning.'

'When Bill Clinton and the “New Democrats” emerged victorious in the 1990s, thanks in large part to 83 percent support from black voters in 1992 and 84 percent in 1996, they adopted policies, such as welfare reform (Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996) and a crime bill (Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994) that proved ruinous for many black Americans.' ~ MATTHEW DELMONT | MAR 31, 2016

'Pew Research Center poll revealed interesting insights: a majority of African Americans consider themselves politically moderate (44 percent) or conservative (27 percent), with just over a quarter calling themselves politically liberal (26 percent). Those numbers can be puzzling, considering that almost 90 percent of blacks vote primarily Democrat.'

'The party’s advocacy for state’s rights without addressing the historical discriminatory behavior of some states also is a significant obstacle for black voters looking for change.'

'Barack Obama..... his more liberal stances on social issues gave the far left an opportunity to move its agenda forward in unprecedented ways. The African American community was so focused on protecting our president from vitriolic conservatives that we fell completely silent on social issues and our party slid deeper into the clutch of secular-progressivism.'

'Democratic donor class supports a social agenda that’s more compatible with Hollywood than black churchgoers. These donors and the interest groups they support have gained an outsized voice in recent years, and consequently, control the reward and punishment mechanism within the party.' ~ BY JUSTIN E. GIBONEY — 05/30/18 09:00 AM EDT

'The dominant feeling among the defecting block of African-Americans is that the Democrats have abandoned them in favor of a new voting block of illegal immigrants whose victimhood will guarantee votes. In their view, the Democrats seem to have abandoned old loyalties for a new road to political power.'

'Black people are individuals, black people are not owned by the Democratic Party, and black liberation has transcended victim ideology to now land, with enormous irony, right behind a president who is relentlessly cast by the white, liberal mainstream media as a “racist.”

“Hotep” is an ancient Egyptian word that was used as a term of derision by the black left against black men who were refocusing on “conservative” or traditional values, like the sanctity of the family.'

“When you look at blacks, they have been conservatives for a very long time. They are the group who really don’t believe in abortion. They follow the Bible to the letter, they are very rigid about the things that need to happen.' ~ BY CELIA FARBER July 6, 2018 | Updated: September 17, 2018

Here's a litany of Obama's giveaways during his first term that helped him win re-election:

'The Education Department has delivered money to launch a project called Promise Neighborhoods, a holistic, “cradle to career” approach to education. Modeled on the Harlem Children’s Zone, the project has already dispensed one-year planning grants of $500,000 each to thirty-six neighborhoods, all but a few of which are predominantly African American or minority. Five neighborhoods have been granted about $30 million each over the course of five years.'

'The program, Samuels says, largely depends on a group of employees called “NAZ connectors” who interact on a regular basis with many of the zone’s 2,200 families to help them stay engaged with their children’s and their own education.'

'Legislatively, the Obama administration has made penalties for crack and powder cocaine more equitable.'

'A few days after the election, Mitt Romney delivered a postmortem assessment to his donors that Obama had won over women, minorities, and young voters by showering them with “gifts.” The comment was crude and offensive, but in a sense, it demonstrated a better understanding of Obama’s first term than that of West, Smiley, and some of the president’s other progressive critics.' ~ by Simon van Zuylen-Wood | January/February 2013

'These gushings were a vivid symptom of Obamamania. For in fact “A More Perfect Union” is not a speech for the ages; it was simply a tactical intervention aimed at quelling whites’ discomfort about Obama’s long association with a radical, left-wing minister.'

'Passed ostensibly for the purpose of combating voter fraud, the real purpose behind these laws is to suppress voting among certain sectors of the electorate, including, rather obviously, racial minorities, a key Democratic voting bloc.' {Would whites generally think that drivers license/ i.d. proportions of blacks is so low?}

'Some critics disapprove of what they see as blacks’ naive sentimentality, excessive patience and willingness to be placated too easily. They note that according to key indicators of material well-being—employment, income, incarceration rates, educational outcomes and homeownership rates—blacks as a whole have fared badly during Obama’s tenure.'

'It is difficult to exaggerate African-Americans’ frustration with the stereotype of black male irresponsibility or their yearning for a dramatic counter-image. Obama is the antithesis of The Black Man as Failure. That alone buys him a lot of gratitude.'

'They point to the benefits black poor and working-class people have reaped disproportionately from the rescue of the automobile industry, the jobs generated by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (the “stimulus”), the boosts to Pell Grant funding, the expansion of Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act enabling millions of blacks to receive health insurance.'

'Most African-Americans, however, retained a deeply embedded skepticism. They have, and for good reason, low expectations of their government and fellow citizens in general. Often, when they said that they never thought they’d live to see a black president, the remark contained an overlooked stinger: They were saying that, given the racism that still pervades American life, it was a miracle that any black man in any circumstance could win the presidency. That is why millions of African-Americans were anxiously holding their breath even after the 2008 election; they feared that substantial numbers of whites would do anything to prevent a black man from occupying the White House.'

'Tragically, the expectations of many blacks have been diminished so severely that they do not require much from Obama. This is an observation, not a critique. Perhaps the black conventional wisdom is right, reflecting a resigned but accurate assessment of the very narrow limits within which Obama can maneuver.' ~ By RANDALL KENNEDY - July/August 2014

'Barack Obama, our first black president, won well over 90 percent of the black vote, yet from an economic perspective he delivered poor results. Black incomes from 2009 to 2014 fell more for blacks than any other racial or ethnic group.'

'Trump has done more for black economic progress in six months than Obama did in eight years. The other issue that is critically important to black and Hispanic economic progress is good schools. No president has done more to advance school choice so that every child can attend a quality school public or private. In cities like Washington D.C. and Milwaukee, 90 percent of the children who benefit from these programs are black.'

'As the black parents I spoke to who participate in these scholarship programs have told me, “Why does Barack Obama get to send his kids to private schools, but not us?” Good question and one that no liberal has ever been able to answer.' ~ BY STEPHEN MOORE - 08/15/17 04:00 PM EDT

'African Americans have a history in both major political parties of the United States. After the Civil War almost all Blacks considered them-selves Republicans. It was the Republican Party that was started by abolitionists and of course the party of President Abraham Lincoln. Mean-while Southern Democrats strongly opposed any rights to Blacks at the time and for almost a century there-after. African Americans were not even allowed to officially attend the Democratic convention until 1924.'

Malcom X Speech that still reigns True Today ~ Published on Feb 11, 2016

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Black Culture Degradation

'Gangsta Rap sadly and ironically competes against the original form of Rap which is a branch of Hip-Hop which was/is aimed towards seizing gang violence.'

Grandmaster Caz: Gangsta Rap Was Detrimental to Hip-Hop Culture ~ Published on Jun 11, 2015

'Many writers and thinkers see a kind of informed political engagement, even a revolutionary potential, in rap and hip-hop. They couldn’t be more wrong. By reinforcing the stereotypes that long hindered blacks, and by teaching young blacks that a thuggish adversarial stance is the properly “authentic” response to a presumptively racist society, rap retards black success.'

'But rap took a dark turn in the early 1980s, as this “bubble gum” music gave way to a “gangsta” style that picked up where blaxploitation left off. Now top rappers began to write edgy lyrics celebrating street warfare or drugs and promiscuity.'

'The idea that rap is an authentic cry against oppression is all the sillier when you recall that black Americans had lots more to be frustrated about in the past but never produced or enjoyed music as nihilistic as 50 Cent or N.W.A. On the contrary, black popular music was almost always affirmative and hopeful. Nor do we discover music of such violence in places of great misery like Ethiopia or the Congo—unless it’s imported American hip-hop.'

'For those who insist that even the invisible structures of society reinforce racism, the burden of proof should rest with them to explain just why hip-hop’s bloody and sexist lyrics and videos and the criminal behavior of many rappers wouldn’t have a powerfully negative effect upon whites’ conception of black people.' ~ John H. McWhorter | Summer 2003

'During a debate about the disturbances on BBC2's Newsnight, Dr Starkey argued that one of the central problems was the influence of a 'violent, destructive and nihilistic' black culture that had corrupted too many of Britain’s youngsters.'

'What motivated the troublemakers was not genuine poverty but rather a raw acquisitiveness that is fuelled by so much in this black-led youth culture, from the imagery in rap videos to the lyrics of hip-hop music. The twin central themes of this world are sex and material possessions.'

'A key aspect of ‘gangsta’ culture — one that we saw writ large on the streets last week — is an utter disregard for the police and the rule of law. You only have to consider that one of the most controversial rap songs of the past two decades was called Cop Killer to understand the danger posed by these influences.'

'Furthermore, the continuing collapse of the traditional family meant many young blacks looked to their peers in street gangs for an alternative structure of support, which again reinforced the appeal of hip-hop and rap, in which those gangs were glorified.'

'The willingness of white and Asian youths to embrace black music and culture shows that racism is not nearly as ingrained as some of the professional grievance-mongers claim.' ~ By TONY SEWELL | UPDATED: 15:25 EST, 15 August 2011

'The glorification of drugs, guns and misogyny by the street culture surrounding "gangsta rap" is a "deadly virus" threatening black Britons, according to one of the best-known black personalities on television.'

'The former Tottenham Hotspur footballer added: "There's an epidemic out there and it's killing some of our children. Do you think there could be correlation between this and the growing dissipation of our cultural values?" ~ By Jane Denny and Richard Suchet | 12:01 AM BST 13 Sep 2004

'Black people need to find new heroes. Right now, at least in terms of the support given, their heroes are criminals such as Baltimore’s Freddie Gray, Ferguson’s Michael Brown, and Florida’s Trayvon Martin.'

'Black support tends to go toward the criminals in the community rather than to the overwhelming number of people in the community who are law-abiding. That needs to end.'

'What also needs to end is the lack of respect for and cooperation with police officers. Some police are crooked, but black people are likelier to be victims of violent confrontations with police officers than whites simply because blacks commit more violent crimes than whites per capita.' ~ Walter E. Williams / October 04, 2017

'Based upon my personal experience, I believe the primary responsibility for the inner-city crime wave rests with numerous dysfunctional social and cultural trends within the black community itself. And these trends are reinforced by the palpable failures of black leadership.'

'Incredible levels of anger and hostility, particularly among many black men, are coupled with misogyny, celebration of drug use and prison culture, undue veneration of machismo and violent music. Many young people care little about health or nutrition, do not embrace individual responsibility, and have low self-esteem. Disregard for authority induces some black men to act in ways that escalate even the most routine police encounters. It’s the key factor in many police shootings. Many teenagers show total disdain for human life, whether one’s own or of their fellow humans.' ~ BY GREG RALEIGH | 09/13/18 12:30 PM EDT

'Far too often, urban leaders and social justice warriors jump to the conclusion that increasing the power of government will reduce crime and poverty. They routinely call for government action, such as gun control, “affordable” housing mandates, and raising the minimum wage. What these well-intentioned but misguided do-gooders repeatedly fail to explain, however, is why the scourge of violence and poverty exists in these areas in the first place.'

'Shortly after Johnson tried and failed to eradicate poverty, President Richard Nixon announced a “war on drugs,” and so began the government’s attempt to rein in the thriving urban illicit drug industry. Has drug use decreased since this proclaimed war on drugs? No.' ~ BY CHRIS TALGO, OPINION CONTRIBUTOR — 08/18/18 11:00 AM EDT

'Racism is the normal explanation for the decline of the black family, but that analysis does not hold up. Thomas Sowell has shown that “the black family survived centuries of slavery and generations of Jim Crow where most black children grew up in homes with two parents.”

'Americans overcompensated with sweeping entitlement programs under President Johnson’s “War on Poverty,” and by turning a blind eye to accountability on longstanding values and principled behavior within the African American community.'

'This destabilization has created turbulent neighborhoods that have devastating costs to children ranging from poverty, educational deficiencies, violence, crime, drugs, and a culture of victimization and entitlement.' ~ By Dean Kalahar | March 29, 2014

'White House invitation to a rapper who brags about such things is a macabre gauge of America’s national mood. Another frequent White House guest is rapper Jay-Z, a former drug dealer who, like Kendrick Lamar, chants about street violence. Homicidal impulses are so common prevalent among black Americans that they have been naturalized into mainstream culture.' ~ By DAVID P. GOLDMAN, Spengler JULY 13, 2016 3:05 PM (UTC+8)

Black People STEALIN' — Shameless Looting in Hurricane Irma, Fort Lauderdale, FL: Jesse comments on the black people looting and stealing shoes in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and elsewhere after Hurricane / Tropical Storm Irma. Just shameless, then running from the police. ~ Published on Sep 11, 2017

Punishment for Hurricane Harvey looters: During Hurricane Harvey, while most people scrambled to save their homes, businesses and children, truckloads of bandits, criminals and looters took full advantage of the community. ~ Published on May 21, 2018

VIDEO: Looters raid Family Dollar in North Carolina ~ Published on Sep 16, 2018

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Black Crime Statistics

'Between 2009 and 2012, though, forty black men were killed by other black men for every black man killed by police, according to Prof. Robert Johnson of the University of Toledo.' ~ By DAVID P. GOLDMAN, Spengler JULY 13, 2016 3:05 PM (UTC+8)

'Compared to the national average, the homicide rate was 54% lower for whites, 14% lower for Hispanics, and 267% higher for blacks. Put another way, the homicide rate among African-Americans is nearly quadruple that of the national average.'

'Last year, President Obama highlighted the importance of this issue. He said, "The single greatest cause of death for young black men between the ages of 18 and 35 is homicide. And that's crazy. That is crazy." Actually, it's worse than that. According to the CDC, homicide is the #1 cause of death for African-Americans in all age groups from 15 to 34 (i.e., 15 to 19, 20 to 24, and 25 to 34).' ~ By Alex Berezow — August 10, 2017

'The data suggest that violent crime rates in American cities primarily reflects a subculture embraced by a small core of black men and has little to do with employment opportunities. For 34 of the largest cities, the figure below indicates the relationship between each city’s share of black men, 20 to 34 years old, and its 2014 violent crime rate...... These findings indicate that the racial composition of young men is a strong predictor of a city’s violent crime rate than labor market conditions.'

'Within black communities, there are particularly high rates of gun violence. Although blacks comprised about one-fifth of the share of New York City’s young men, 2012 police data show they were responsible for three-quarters of all the gun violence. As a result, young black men are more likely to be exposed to an oppositional street culture — one that not only endorses violence as means of conflict resolution, but also contributes to a social environment where firearm violence is more common.' ~ By Robert Cherry | February 16, 2017

'When the media aren’t indulging liberal activists by pretending that police shootings drive black homicide rates, they’re playing down the very real episodes of black criminality shown in the video. For years, Asian students in public schools have complained of racially motivated harassment and bullying by black students. Surveillance cameras have caught young black men playing the “knockout game,” which involves sucker-punching random white pedestrians. Cities from Los Angeles to Philadelphia to Baltimore have experienced “wilding” incidents, which involve flash mobs of black youths rampaging through a mall or park or convenience store and physically attacking people in the process.'

“Blacks, in other words, committed 85 percent of the non-homicide interracial crimes of violence between blacks and whites, even though they are less than 13 percent of the population.” ~ Jason L. Riley | January 11, 2017

'One of the many efforts by White racists to demonize Black people has been stopped dead in its tracks, thanks to some updated statistics provided by the federal government. Unlike what appears to be popular opinion, the rate of violent Black-on-Black crime is lower than how often White criminals victimize other White people.'

'To be sure, “the rate of white-on-white violent crime (12.0 per 1,000) was about four times higher than black-on-white violent crime (3.1 per 1,000),” according to new the Bureau of Justice Statistics’ (BJS) “Race and Hispanic Origin of Victims and Offenders, 2012-2015” report published last Thursday.'

-Here is a prime example of the racialism of the left. They are cherry-picking numbers in order to paint the narrative to their captive audience of how only white supremacists would diminish the focus on police force applied to blacks as compared to black-on-black violence. From the article we see that the raw number of blacks lost to black-on-black crime is way higher as compared to those lost in police shootings (not to mention justified). As well the commentator does not even get his own statement right on black-black vs. white-white crime and then proceeds to sure it up by comparing apples to oranges. Correcting here by using the full quote referenced:

'During 2012-15, the rate of white-on-white violent crime (12.0 per 1,000) was about four times higher than black-on-white violent crime (3.1 per 1,000). The rate of black-on-black crime (16.5 per 1,000) was more than five times higher than white-on-black violent crime (2.8 per 1,000). '

-Note that whites outnumber blacks by about 5-1 yet black-on-black violent crime actually occurs more often than white-on-white violent crime and similar can be said concerning black-on-white compared to white-on-black violent crime.

'The vast majority of homicide victims are killed by people of their own race. People tend to kill who they know.' ~ By Matthew Cella and Alan Neuhauser Sept. 29, 2016, at 6:42 p.m.

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Black Alternative Intellects

Here follows a roster of black intellectuals who espouse views beyond the usually accepted media myths.

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Larry Elder

Larry Elder (conservative radio host) joins Dave Rubin to discuss the Black Lives Matter movement, systemic racism, and more. ~ Published on Jan 14, 2016

'Larry Elder's show currently on internet with links to his columns and books.'

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T.D. Jakes

'Bishop T.D. Jakes, one of the world’s most revered masterminds, leverages his pioneering vision and instinct to serve others in areas extending beyond the church.'

'Thomas Dexter “T.D” Jakes, Sr. is an American bishop and pastor who operates a non-denominational megachurch in Dallas, Texas, called The Potter’s House. His sermons, which are aired on several major networks, have transformed him into one of the most influential African-Americans in popular culture.'

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Candace Owens

'She opposes abortion and advocates for the end of welfare, although she says she has family on it. She decries police brutality as a myth invented by Democrats “to manipulate black minds” on Twitter, where she takes her message directly to the people.'

“If I was a leftist or if I was a true Democrat, I would relish in victimhood. I would love that. I would say I’m black, I’m a woman, I can’t do anything and it’s all your fault.'

“I was not surprised,” said Robert Owens, Candace’s father who now lives in Arizona. “We don't agree on some issues, which I care not to mention, but I will say I support her in bringing both sides to the table; Democrats should not assume they have our vote because we are African Americans and Republicans should not ignore African Americans because they assume we are going to vote Democrat.” ~ By Emilie Munson Published 12:00 am EDT, Saturday, September 15, 2018

White Guilt: a trend that needs to die - How did this even become a thing? ~ Published on Feb 13, 2018

What Candace Owens Thinks (How to create a mind) - How the left programmed blacks to vote Democrat. ~ Published on May 10, 2018

WTF? Black Lives Matter Has A List of Demands for White People! -Long story short: they want everything. ~ Published on Aug 25, 2017

"You Don't Have To Like My Answers" Candace Owens GOES OFF On Liberal Snowflakes - Candace Owens GOES OFF On liberal Snowflakes in awesome Q and A. ~ Published on Nov 7, 2018

-Some in this AA audience seem to have trouble with the truth hurting their ears!

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Jesse Lee Peterson

'Peterson is the staunchly conservative head of the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny, or BOND, which is dedicated to “rebuilding the family by rebuilding the man”—educating males, mostly black males, about personal strength and responsibility. '

'Jackson’s Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, with its monumental marble headquarters in Chicago and branches in major cities around the country. BOND’s offices, by contrast, are in a shabby storefront sitting amid furniture stores, gas stations, and billboards in a flat and dispiriting stretch of L.A.’s Mid-City West section. Whereas Rainbow/PUSH reportedly receives double-digit millions in corporate grants and sponsorships, BOND gets by on about half a million dollars a year in mostly private donations.'

'The kind of personal forgiveness that Peterson preaches is more difficult, too, than the straighten-up-and-do-right Christianity of many more popular white ministers, like Rick Warren and Joel Osteen, because it requires an inner revolution rather than outward restraint.' ~ Andrew Klavan | Winter 2010

'There are several key issues facing men in today’s society.'

'Pastor, Author, Talk Show Host'

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Thomas Sowell

'Thomas Sowell is the Rose and Milton Friedman Senior Fellow on Public Policy at the Hoover Institution.'

'He writes on economics, history, social policy, ethnicity, and the history of ideas.'

'Rose and Milton Friedman Senior Fellow - The Hoover Institution - Stanford University'

Thomas Sowell - Obama's Economic Policy - Dr. Sowell draws parallels with the economic policies of President Obama and those of FDR. ~ Published on Sep 11, 2009

Thomas Sowell - Obama's Failed Economic Policies _ President Obama promised an economic stimulus and delivered an economic sedative. ~ Published on Aug 30, 2013

-Sowell also points out that Obama's economic policies were actually fascist in nature.

Thomas Sowell - On Liberalism | Sowell comments on liberalism in general and Republican politics in particular. ~ Published on Sep 16, 2013

In an interview just prior to the 2012 election, Professor Sowell looks ahead at the likely implications of Obama's reelection. ~ Published on Dec 7, 2012

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J.C. Watts

'A visionary conservative leader, J.C. Watts offers thought provoking views on the future of healthcare, the economy, education and other major issues of the day.'

'Rep. J.C. Watts Jr. was raised by a family of Democrats on what was referred to as "the wrong side of the tracks" in little Eufaula, Okla. So why and how did Watts become the first African American to hold a Republican Party leadership position in the history of the U.S. Congress?' ~ ABC News | Oct. 22

'Ms. Brazile is typical of many black leaders and political operatives today who simply can't accept the notion that there are independent-minded African American men and women who disagree with them, who have rejected their liberal philosophy and approach to problem solving. For them, group identity is more important than individual principles because for them, maintaining the group identity assures the continuation of their power.' ~ J.C. Watts | Oct. 22

J.C. Watts: Bringing Diversity and Faith to Washington

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Armstrong Williams

'Armstrong Williams is a pugnacious, provocative and principled voice for conservative and Christian values in America's public debate. With properties in Europe and the United States, Williams is a multifaceted entrepreneur.'

'An avid reader, art collector, and third-generation Republican, Williams has become a multi-media wonder, taking stands for what's right on radio and television, in print and cyberspace.'

'With seven television stations as subsidiaries and plans for growth, the Federal Communications Committee designates Armstrong Williams the largest minority owner of broadcast television stations in the United States.'

'In 2016, Armstrong Williams was recognized by the Multicultural Media Correspondents as their Media Owner of the Year.'

Armstrong Williams: GOP Must Offer Competitive Voice to Blacks ~ Published on Apr 15, 2013

Malzberg | Armstrong Williams with an update on Ferguson, MO ~ Published on Nov 14, 2014

Newsmax Prime | Armstrong Williams discusses the Confederate flag ~ Published on Jun 22, 2015

Armstrong Williams: 'More people should be outraged... | Dr. Ben Carson's business manager defends his candidate's comments, and believes moderate Muslims need to more strongly condemn their radical counterpart. ~ Published on Sep 21, 2015

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Walter E. Williams

'Born in Philadelphia in 1936, Walter E. Williams holds a bachelor's degree in economics from California State University (1965) and a master's degree (1967) and doctorate (1972) in economics from the University of California at Los Angeles.'



The State Against Blacks - Have big government "poverty measures" helped or hindered Blacks? Author-columnist-professor Dr. Walter E Williams joins John to explain. ~ Published on Jun 22, 2011

Walter Williams: Why most employers will choose white employees over black employees? Stereotyping, singling, discrimination ~ Published on Nov 23, 2017

Walter E. Williams shares warning about loss of liberty - American Contempt for Liberty' author speaks out about the loss of free speech and increase of government control on the premiere of 'Life, Liberty & Levin. ~ Published on Feb 25, 2018

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AA "Problem Profiteers"

'Jesse Jackson has been shaking down corporations with the scam for decades. Booker T. Washington (1865–1915) warned of such people within the black community in his 1911 book My Larger Education. He described them as “problem profiteers”:'

'Washington could have had in view, although writing nearly a hundred years ago, black people who are railing against Herman Cain and other blacks who have not succumbed to plantation living. Cain doesn’t present himself as a victim, and this disturbs people like Al Sharpton. Cain lived at a time when there were “colored” water fountains, segregated schools and neighborhoods, and racial discrimination that few people today can imagine. ....Cain is the antithesis of the Democrat Party and 90 percent of blacks who support it.' ~ Oct 24, 2011 by Gary DeMar

'Obama has been in the Oval Office for two years. Black race pimps continue to despicably, without reservation, drive a wedge into the heart of national race relations. Whenever these black race pimps, including the Obama administration, find themselves on the losing end of an argument, they turn it into a racial issue branding the opposition racist. '

'And, something else that truly annoys me. The black community is not a tribe with chiefs dictating our monolithic opinion. I ask that these disgusting race baiting organizations please stop running around proclaiming they speak for "the black community". I am black. They do not speak for me.' ~ By Lloyd Marcus | May 12, 2011

'Between 1970 and 2010, the number of black elected officials nationwide increased from fewer than 1,500 to more than 10,000.'

'Yet the socioeconomic progress that was supposed to follow in the wake of these political gains never materialized. During an era of growing black political influence, blacks as a group progressed at a slower rate than whites, and the black poor actually lost ground.'

'Contentious relations between the police and ghetto communities are driven mainly by high crime rates in those areas, something that the political left doesn’t like to acknowledge. The sharp rise in violent crime in our inner cities coincides with the increase of black leaders in many of those very same cities, which makes it hard to argue that racist or indifferent authorities are to blame.'~ By Jason Riley June 17, 2017 | 10:43am

'Black elites and activists across the world have adopted a culture of verbal tyranny in which they shut down any effort to reason or criticize us or black-majority nations by labeling such attempts as “racism” or “hate speech.” Thus, one can be certain that any suggestions that our race may indeed need to do something to remedy our situation will not be aired...'

'A culture of incompetence, endemic corruption, dignified ineptitude, and, chief among all, destructive selfishness and greed has played a major role in its unravelling. The same, sadly, can be said for most other African nations. States like Zimbabwe, Cameroon, and Equatorial Guinea are farcical democracies ruled by men who exclusively cater to their interests and those of their clipped circles.' ~ BY CHIGOZIE OBIOMA | AUGUST 9, 2016, 5:37 PM

'The United States plans to counter the rapidly expanding Chinese and Russian economic and political influence in Africa, U.S. national security adviser John Bolton said on Thursday, calling business practices of the two nations “corrupt” and “predatory.”

“China uses bribes, opaque agreements, and the strategic use of debt to hold states in Africa captive to Beijing’s wishes and demands. Its investment ventures are riddled with corruption,” Bolton said. He had equally harsh words for Russia.'

'He said the United States has little to show for the billions of dollars it has poured into Africa. He said the administration will work to ensure U.S. aid is used more efficiently and effectively, with investments in health, education, government and fiscal transparency measures and rule of law.' ~ December 13, 2018 | Steve Holland and Lesley Wroughton

'In speaking to a congregation of black nationalists and white Leftist enablers, Waters proved how divisive she and the Left truly are, as she implored attendees to “play the race card“.

'I suggest to her constituents or anybody who dare take her advice, ask her how she is living? How did Waters get so far in life, given all the obstacles for blacks?'

'Can I too have a multi-million dollar mansion, if I race pimp hard enough?'

'When people are as angry as blacks, their fuses are easily lit. The killing of a heroin dealer who tried to run over police for example shouldn’t set off protests. Nor should the killing of a thief who tried to kill a cop. Shrines are not built for such criminals, except in the communities served by members of the Congressional Black Circus clowns.' ~ By Kevin Jackson - September 23, 2017

'In February, Congress was debating federal spending. And Sheila Jackson-Lee got up to make her contribution denouncing a Pepsi commercial as racist. Other things that Jackson-Lee has denounced as racist include hurricanes, a balanced budget and secret service agents. Crying "Racism" is actually her only life skill.'

'Not only has Jackson-Lee voted against every national security measure she could think of, but she actually goes out looking for dictators to support. She invited Assad to speak in Texas, urged F-16 parts sales to Hugo Chavez, called for an end to economic sanctions against Saddam and participated in an event conducted by an Iranian regime front group against military action on Iran. She might be considered a walking security risk, if she actually knew anything.' ~ July 26, 2011 Daniel Greenfield

'The uber-liberal black lawmaker – who has represented Texas’ heavily gerrymandered 18th district (map) for nearly a quarter of a century – is accused of taking the first class seat of a white woman booked on a United Airlines flight from Houston to Washington, D.C.'

'Upon being called out for it, the 67-year-old representative claimed that she was a target of racism.' ~ Published December 27, 2017

'Holder wears a chip on his shoulder, using the excuse of race that he thinks entitles him and his boss to be insulated from any accountability. Indeed, Holder set his race-baiting tone very early in President Obama’s first term when he accused the American people of being "essentially a nation of cowards" in dealing with the race issue – just three months after the American people elected the nation’s first black president.'

'Holder was cited for contempt of Congress in 2012 for failing to turn over subpoenaed Justice Department internal emails relevant to a possible cover up of its knowledge of the Fast and Furious operation.'

'This isn’t at all about race. It is about integrity and competence, applying the same high standard to all attorneys general, no matter what his or her race may happen to be. Holder has failed this test miserably and is a disgrace to the office of U.S. Attorney General.' ~ April 10, 2014 Joseph Klein

'Attorney General Loretta Lynch has issued a warning to municipal and state judges across the country that their courts could lose federal funding if they don’t ease up on fines and arrest warrants for minor crimes involving poor offenders, indigent minorities in particular.'

'This is the same dubious legal threat the administration is using to force the nation’s public schools to back off suspending unruly — even violent — black students, and to force cops to avoid stopping, frisking and arresting minority offenders.'

'This new court “reform” will only exacerbate the crime problem. Studies show ignoring low-level crimes like warrant violations only leads to bigger crimes.' ~ By Paul Sperry March 27, 2016 | 6:00am

Slavery and what people won't tell you, race pimps and failure of NAACP - Race hustlers from a black perspective. ~ Published on Dec 17, 2016

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Jesse Jackson

'Jesse Jackson, popularly known as Rev. Jesse Jackson, now 72, more than anyone this side of Al Sharpton, embodies the spirit of intimidation that passes for “civil rights” in this country. Through his Chicago-based nonprofit organization Rainbow/PUSH, Jackson for decades has fused black identity politics, socialist economics and Biblically-tinged universalistic moralizing to promote his idea of social justice... Jackson is a master of the business shakedown. When he speaks, white executives listen. For they know that he can make life very rough if they don’t “cooperate.”

'But it’s not the job of Google, Facebook or any other successful company to make amends for nonexistent wrongdoing on their part. Their job, within the bounds of ethical and legal behavior, is satisfying consumers and generating profits. Part of that job involves telling people like Jesse Jackson to take a hike.' ~ Posted on May 30, 2014 by Carl Horowitz

'For there is a dark side to Jesse Jackson, and it has gone unreported from the very start. It began in Chicago in the late 1960s, when Jackson began consorting with a street gang known as the Black P Stone Rangers, whose leaders one by one were thrown in jail with life sentences for murder, extortion and racketeering. Among them was Jackson’s own half brother and early partner in the shakedown game, Noah Robinson Jr.'

'Not only did Jackson broker a disastrous peace agreement for Sierra Leone that brought a serial murderer into government, he helped block an international accord cracking down on the trafficking of “war diamonds” that were fueling the conflict.'

'Ironically, the biggest constraint on the growth of minority businesses was the practice of minority set-asides, or quotas, which made black firms dependent on federal largesse and less able to compete in the private market.' ~ 3/11/2002

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Louis Farrakhan

'He posted a clip of a Sunday speech he gave in Detroit during a 23rd anniversary event for the 1995 Million Man March in which the minister said he supports rapper Kanye West's controversial remarks about repealing the 13th Amendment, then joked about being “anti-Termite” after an anti-Semitic rant.'

'Farrakhan came into the American public light when he began supporting Rev. Jesse Jackson’s bid for the presidency. However, when he praised Adolf Hitler, calling him “a very great man,” Farrakhan set off conflict with American Jewish voters. '

'He’s been critized for his early association with anti-American leaders like Libya's Moammar Gadhafi and Cuba's Fidel Castro.' ~ By Fiza Pirani | Updated Oct 18, 2018

'In case you missed it among all of the election chaos last week, infamous hate preacher Louis Farrakhan traveled to Iran and led a "death to America" chant while he was there. '

'Farrakahn denies leading the chant, despite being caught on video doing so.'

'The Women's March, which has been endorsed by Democrats across the country, has close ties to Farrakahn. Its leaders have referred to him as a mentor and essential leader in today's politics.' ~ Katie Pavlich | Posted: Nov 13, 2018 5:15 PM

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Al Sharpton

'While the network claims to pursue "one standard of justice" and civil rights, its words are just another pretense. The network's real purpose? Dredging up hundreds of thousands of dollars in "salary" for Sharpton's wallet. We should also assume that the good reverend collects significant tax-free expenses from his charity. Remember, even as he demands first class flights and 5-star hotel suites, Sharpton has long struggled to pay his taxes.'

'As Mr. Garner's eldest child noted in a 2015 James O'Keefe video, Sharpton is " all about [the money]." In that same video, a fundraiser for killed Florida teen, Trayvon Martin, describes how Sharpton takes hefty percentages of charitable donations for "fees." As the activist puts it, Sharpton and his posse are "shakedown guys." ~ by Tom Rogan | August 15, 2017 09:52 AM

'Al Sharpton. Brawley told them said that a cop had been one of her attackers, and Sharpton named that officer as Harry Crist Jr., a police officer from a nearby town who had committed suicide shortly after Brawley was found. Sharpton also named a local prosecutor, Steven Pagones, as one of the attackers. He offered no proof.'

'The Brawley case inflamed racial tensions in America and left victims like the falsely accused Pagones in its wake.'

'Sharpton was a key player inflaming the 1991 Crown Heights riots following the death of a young African-American who was hit by an ambulance driven by a Hasidic driver.'

'A few years later.....Sharpton led protests...One of the protesters attacked Freddie Fashion Mart, shot several customers, and started a fire that killed seven employees.' ~ Stuart Stevens | 06.03.13 5:00 AM ET

It starts in the home! Denzel Washington understands the problems in the black community and, unlike Al Sharpton, doesn't race-bait about them. ~ Published on Nov 30, 2017

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False Racial Accusations

-The initial shock and sensationalism of such cases should not be taken as gospel truth!.........

'Brawley told authorities that for four days she had been held against her will and repeatedly raped by a gang of white men, one of whom she claimed had a police badge.'

'In the face of mounting criticism, Brawley’s advisers began making wild, unfounded accusations, charging that Assistant District Attorney Stephen Pagones had participated in the alleged rape and that Special Prosecutor Robert Abrams was masturbating to the evidentiary photos.'

'Grand Jury dismissed the entire matter. Attorneys Mason and Maddox faced disciplinary proceedings from the New York State Bar for their conduct during the investigation and Pagones filed a libel suit against Mason, Maddox, and Sharpton, which he won in 1998.' ~ BY HISTORY.COM EDITORS | August 21, 2018 | Updated November 13, 2009

'It was 1987 when a black teenager, Tawana Brawley, said she had been raped and kidnapped by a group of white men in Dutchess County, N.Y.'

'But, as The Associated Press reminds readers, "a special state grand jury later determined that Brawley had fabricated her claims, perhaps to avoid punishment for staying out late."

'According to USA Today, "a Virginia court ordered Brawley's employer, The Laurels of Bon Air nursing home in Richmond, to garnish her wages. ... She's currently paying Pagones $627 each month.'

"Every week, she'll think of me," he also told the Post. "And every week, she can think about how she has a way out — she can simply tell the truth." ~ MARK MEMMOTT | August 5, 20131:17 PM ET

'Crystal Mangum, told police in Durham, North Carolina, that three white lacrosse players forced her into a bathroom and raped her.'

'Nifong, who was running for district attorney when the rape allegations were first made, was accused of aggressively pursuing the case to gain favor with Durham’s African-American community.'

'In April of that year, the attorney general announced Evans, Finnerty and Seligmann had been wrongly accused and dismissed all charges against them. Nifong was heavily criticized for his rush to judgment and his heavy reliance on the faulty testimony of the accuser.' ~ BY HISTORY.COM EDITORS | November 13, 2009 |Updated August 21, 2018

'Complete coverage: Duke lacrosse players falsely accused of rape.'

'Numerous complaints of DWB -- Driving While Black -- were filed by blacks driving on the New Jersey Turnpike. So the state entered into a consent decree, agreed to federal monitoring, and put their officers through, among other things, "sensitivity training." New Jersey commissioned a study, checking motorists' speed with laser guns and photographing drivers of vehicles going 15 mph or more over the speed limit.'

'The result? It turned out that more speeders were black than white, which explained why cops pulled over black motorists so often. The U.S. Justice Department, which requested the study, did not want the results released to the public.'

'In a 1997 Time/CNN poll, a majority of black teens called racism a "big problem." But 89 percent of black teens called racism a "small problem" or "not a problem at all" in their own lives. In fact, nearly twice as many black teens than white teens called "failure to take advantage of available opportunities" a bigger problem than racism.' ~ By Larry Elder - September 4, 2014

-We see how racial scapegoating and bias leads people to rush to judgement or even commit acts of violence in the name of vengeance. We need to wait for the evidence to come out and not act upon immediate rumors or hearsay and take the media to task for its sensationalistic coverage of racial issues on both (or all sides).

'In his new book The Blood of Emmett Till, Duke University professor Timothy B. Tyson writes that Carolyn Bryant Donham — who was married to one of the men who killed Till in 1955 — admitted in 2007 that the black teen never verbally or physically abused her. This contradicted statements she made during the slain teen’s trial where she testified that Till “grabbed her hand … clasped her waist, and … told her that he had been with white women before.”

'Whether it’s a woman in Michigan falsely claiming that a group of black men kidnapped, beat and raped her; another woman claiming a black man kidnapped her 3-year-old and 14-month-old sons (whom she actually killed); the infamous Amanda Knox accusing a black man of the heinous murder she was initially convicted of; or even a man claiming that black men stabbed his wife to death (whom he actually killed). In each instance, the initial story was believable because of the troubling belief that a black man is capable of such a thing.' ~ BY MARTENZIE JOHNSON | January 30, 2017

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Michael Brown

'Some witnesses who claimed they saw Brown’s hands raised had testimonies that were inconsistent with physical and forensic evidence. Some admitted to federal investigators they felt pressured to retell the narrative that was being spread after Brown’s shooting.'

'Investigators narrowed down the “hands up” claim to a witness – Witness 128 – who had told his family and neighbors his inaccurate version of events as crowds gathered minutes and hours after the shooting, the report says.'

'All of these purported witnesses, upon being interviewed by law enforcement, acknowledged that they did not actually witness the shooting, but rather repeated what others told them in the immediate aftermath of the shooting. …'

“Hands up, don’t shoot” did not happen in Brown’s killing, and it is a characterization that deserves Four Pinocchios. Politicians should step carefully if they try to highlight this expression in the future.' ~ By Michelle Ye Hee Lee | March 19, 2015

'One of the biggest challenges for everyone—journalists and citizens alike—is the need to avoid drawing inflexible conclusions based on incomplete information. As discussed in the following video, that challenge was heightened in Ferguson because of the lack of available and verifiable information.'

'This emotional connection, along with the lack of complete or irrefutable information about the shooting, made many people more likely to engage in confirmation bias. Given this reality—that many people took a strong position on the shooting long before all the facts were known, or embraced certain narratives, based on their personal experience or underlying beliefs, that were later disproven.'

'Jonathan Capehart, an African American journalist who contributes to the Washington Post and MSNBC, documented his own struggle in a personal reflection on the Post’s PostPartisan blog. Have students read this post, Hands Up Don’t Shoot! Built on a Lie, and reflect on it in a private journal response.'

'In reality, black Americans are influenced by race-baiters, the leftwing media, and activist groups just as much as white Americans are. (Check out the latest “Nazi scum” chant at Berkeley for evidence.)'

'Why, then, do so many black Americans continue to believe the Ferguson myth? It’s for the same reason that many black Americans thought O.J. Simpson was innocent: a fundamental distrust of the criminal justice system.'

'But I’m not trying to win an argument here. I’m trying to make a point: Speaking in broad terms, the life experience of black Americans is often very different than that of white Americans, leading to very different perceptions of the same events.' ~ Michael Brown | Posted: Sep 27, 2017 12:01 AM

'McCulloch noted that the video had been in police possession for a long time, and was not kept secret.'

"We have copies of the entire video. And I think that's very important. No. 1, it's documented in the report, so it's not as though this was hidden away somewhere, as this fellow with his video project was trying to say, actually did say. It's documented in the police report. If you look even at his pathetic video, it shows the police report where he got the information," McCulloch said.' ~ By MICHAEL EDISON HAYDEN Mar 13, 2017, 9:41 PM ET

- Synopsis of the facts behind Michael Brown shooting ignored by legacy media.

Published on Oct 28, 2014

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Eric Garner

'Footage filmed by a bystander shows Eric Garner being wrestled to the ground in a chokehold by an NYPD officer before turning limp. The father, 43, can be heard gasping 'I can't breathe'. He was later pronounced dead at a hospital. Protests have erupted in New York after a grand jury failed to indict the officer responsible.'

-Notice the videographer laments in his narrative how Garner is being arrested unjustly for stopping a fight but officers were arresting him for selling unregistered cigarettes. Force was eventually used since Garner obviously was obstructing and then resisting the officers.

'Garner's dying words, "I can't breathe" — which he repeated 11 times during the arrest — became a rallying cry for the police reform movement.'

'Pantaleo is seen on video taking Garner down in a chokehold, a move that is banned under NYPD policy but one the officer's lawyer says was taught by the police department, according to the Associated Press.'

'A New York State grand jury previously declined to indict Pantaleo, which prompted the Justice Department under the Obama administration to launch its own investigation, which is still ongoing.'

'The NYPD was waiting to see if the federal government would bring charges against officers before moving forward with its own.' ~ Kelly McLaughlin Jul. 21, 2018, 8:43 PM

'Garner, 43, died when cops attempted to arrest him for allegedly selling loose cigarettes in Tompkinsville on July 17, 2014.'

'Video taken by witness Ramsey Orta showed Pantaleo wrestle Garner to the ground while Garner could be heard repeatedly shouting "I can't breathe."

'His weight and pre-existing medical conditions -- acute and chronic bronchial asthma and hypertensive cardiovascular disease -- also contributed to his death, the medical examiner's report stated.' ~ Jul 22, 2018 | By Mira Wassef

'Erica Garner, whose father Eric Garner died in 2014 after being put in a chokehold by police, has died at the age of 27 after suffering a heart attack. '

'She, like her father, also had asthma and family members said that is what triggered the attack. However, this was not Ms Garner's first heart attack. '

'Just four months she gave birth to her son, named after her father. Doctors said Ms Garner's post-partum attack was a result of the pregnancy putting too much stress on her already-enlarged heart.' ~ Mythili Sampathkumar | Saturday 30 December 2017 15:56

-Dead after two heart attacks at 27. It is not too unreasonable to conclude that she had an inheritance of health problems from her father which would make them both susceptible to fatality in certain stressful situations.

-So in this video we have analysis of the arrest of Garner from a streetwise cop's perspective that the media and the interests they sympathize with will indeed never tell you about such as Garner's previous 30 arrests rap sheet and the videographer's felon background who was later arrested for robbery.

-Garner had the option to go peacefully but instead he resisted; force was used and because of his impending size and health condition he died. As we have all seen on shows like 'COPS' - when the suspect is taken down they often cry wolf about some physical ailment or pain in order to allay the force used or to portray themselves as a mere victim.

~Published on Nov 22, 2017

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Freddie Gray

'Given his unparalleled proximity, Allen since has been a figure of considerable intrigue in the criminal cases brought against Goodson and five other Baltimore officers in relation to Gray's transport and death. That's in large part due to contrasting statements he has made — one to police in which he said he believed Gray was "trying to knock himself out" in the back of the van, and others to the media recanting that statement.'

'Allen told police that it sounded like Gray "was banging his head against the metal, like he was trying to knock himself out or something."

'Allen said he thought there was "a dope fiend" on the other side of the divider purposefully banging his head, four or five times. "It was like — he wasn't doing it hard and [expletive], but he was definitely banging himself in the head. I know he was."

'Allen also said that it was a "smooth ride."~ by Kevin Rector | June 9, 2016

'In documents filed Thursday, the defense claims investigators from the Baltimore Police Department had information that Gray participated in "crash for cash" schemes, wherein he would intentionally injure himself to collect from insurance companies.'

"The statement to investigators 'not do the defense attorneys' jobs for them' would seem to indicate some level of knowledge that exculpatory evidence exists which could benefit the officers charged in Mr. Gray's death and that the prosecutor did not want this information uncovered by investigators."

'The document also described alleged efforts by prosecutors to set up private meetings with judicial officials and the medical examiner's office.'

'In addition to the alleged conflict of interest, the defense filed two other motions last week accusing Mosby's office of "judge shopping" for search warrants as well as engaging in a "systematic effort to intentionally withhold clearly discoverable evidence from the defense." ~ By Dana Ford, Evan Perez and Wes Bruer | Updated 10:03 PM ET, Thu August 6, 2015

'They said the ME found that Gray, 25, broke his neck and that a wound to his head matched a bolt in the rear of the van, the Washington, DC, station reported.'

'What exactly caused Gray to slam into the back of the van was unclear. '

'Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts said the other suspect also said the van’s driver did not speed, make sudden stops or drive erratically.'

“Let’s be patient. The family wants patience. The family is not interested in a rush to justice . . . Patience, people,” he said, according to the Baltimore Sun.' ~ By Bob Fredericks and Ben Feuerherd | April 30, 2015 | 4:04pm

'On April 9, 2015, three days before Gray's arrest, new orders were emailed to officers that required seatbelting detainees without exception. But defense lawyers say it was "buried" in an 80-page attachment.'

'This issue isn't new. There are a number of previous instances in Baltimore of people dying or becoming paralyzed after riding in Baltimore Police vans without being seatbelted.'

'During his testimony, Porter said he didn't call a medic because Gray didn't seem hurt. According to Porter, Gray spoke in a normal tone of voice and made eye contact at the van's fourth stop, and though Gray said "yes" when Porter asked if he needed a medic, Porter said Gray was unable to give him any reason for a medical emergency.' ~ JENNIFER LUDDEN, LAUREL WAMSLEY | December 8, 2015 4:21 PM ET

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Akai Gurley

'The fatal shooting occurred in November of 2014, when Liang and his partner were performing a vertical patrol in the Pink Houses. Liang had his gun drawn as they entered the stairwell, and testified he had his finger on the side of his weapon.'

'Then he heard a loud noise — quite possibly the door closing two floors below, where Gurley and his friend Melissa Butler had entered the stairwell because the elevator wasn't working.'

"It startled me (then) the gun just went off," Liang testified during the trial.'

'The bullet ricocheted off the wall and hit Gurley in the chest. Liang and partner Shaun Landau then spent precious minutes bickering over who should report the shooting, unaware Gurley was dying two floors down.' ~ By CHRISTINA CARREGA-WOODBY , AIDAN MCLAUGHLIN and DAREH GREGORIAN | APR 19, 2016

-If Akai had been white, he still would have been shot!

'Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Danny Chun largely followed the no-jail recommendation of Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson in sentencing ex-Officer Peter Liang to five years probation and 800 hours of community service for the death of Akai Gurley.'

'Chun also downgraded the jury’s finding on manslaughter to criminally negligent homicide.'

'There is “no evidence, either direct or circumstantial, that the defendant was aware of Akai Gurley’s presence and therefore disregarded any risk [to him],’’ Chun explained.'

'Liang and his partner were doing a sweep of an apartment building at the crime-riddled Pink Houses in East New York around 11:15 p.m. on Nov. 20, 2014, when a steel door slammed, apparently startling him.' ~ By Emily Saul, Kevin Fasick and Kate Sheehy April 19, 2016

-Note how Akai's aunt makes a collective death-threat against the Liang family.

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Trayvon Martin

'February 26, 2012 - George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch captain in Sanford, Florida, calls 911 to report "a suspicious person" in the neighborhood. He is instructed not to get out of his SUV or approach the person. Zimmerman disregards the instructions. Moments later, neighbors report hearing gunfire. Zimmerman acknowledges that he shot Martin, claiming it was in self-defense. In a police report, Officer Timothy Smith writes that Zimmerman was bleeding from the nose and back of the head.'

'March 8, 2012 - Investigators receive a fax from the Altamonte Family Practice containing the medical records identifying the injuries sustained by Zimmerman on the night of the shooting: Open wound of scalp, without mention of complication; nasal bones, closed fracture; assault by other specified means.'

'May 15, 2012 - A medical report by George Zimmerman's family doctor, taken a day after the February 26 shooting, shows Zimmerman was diagnosed with a fractured nose, two black eyes and two lacerations on the back of his head.'

'March 24, 2012 - A handful of members from the New Black Panther Party (NBPP) offer a $10,000 reward for the "capture" of George Zimmerman.'

'December 7, 2012 - Zimmerman sues NBC Universal for allegedly editing the 911 call he placed on the night of the tragic event. He states in the lawsuit that NBC unfairly made it appear that "Zimmerman was a racist, and that he was racially profiling Trayvon Martin".'

'February 24, 2015 - The US Justice Department announces that no federal civil rights charges will be brought against George Zimmerman.' ~ CNN Library | Updated 4:46 PM ET, Mon May 7, 2018

'NBC and its sister network MSNBC has been under fire for seemingly going out of their way to advance the narrative that Zimmerman, a Hispanic, was racially motivated to kill Martin, a black teenager.'

'NBC’s Today show aired a doctored 911 call where Zimmerman appears to say, “This guy looks like he’s up to no good or he’s on drugs or something. He looks black.”

'Media watchdogs – mostly conservatives – have been calling on NBC to do much more than issue an apology that called the airing of deceptively edited audio tape an “error,” and also to name the fired producer.' ~ 3:04 PM PDT 5/3/2012 by Paul Bond

PJTV shows you the very deliberate steps NBC had to take to edit the Zimmerman's call about Trayvon Martin, steps that made Zimmerman come off as racist. ~ Published on Apr 9, 2012

'The reports also note that two witness accounts appear to back up Zimmerman's version of what happened when they describe a man on his back with another person wearing a hoodie straddling him and throwing punches.'

'Zimmerman, 28, is a multi-racial Hispanic man who volunteered for the neighborhood watch committee who claimed that he shot Martin in self-defense after the 6-foot tall, 160 pound teenager knocked him to the ground, banged his head against the ground and went for Zimmerman's gun.'

'The autopsy also shows that Zimmerman shot Martin from a distance of between 1 inch and 18 inches away, bolstering Zimmerman's claim that he shot Martin during a close struggle.'

'Martin's autopsy report also revealed that there was a quarter-inch by half-inch abrasion on the left fourth finger of Martin, another indication of a possible struggle.' ~ By MATT GUTMAN, SENI TIENABESO & COLLEEN CURRY | May 17, 2012

'Last Wednesday, when it broke the news of the video's existence and broadcast it, ABC News said "no abrasions or blood can be seen in the video." We posted about that report, while noting that "it is possible that paramedics cleaned any blood before Zimmerman arrived at the police station."

'Now, ABC News says, Forensic Protection Inc. has digitally improved the clarity of the video and there appears to be a "gash or mark" near the top of the back of Zimmerman's head.' ~ April 2, 20122:35 PM ET | MARK MEMMOTT

'Also on Monday, Martin's parents asked federal officials investigating the teenager's shooting death to look further into the prosecutor who stepped down from the case and his role in deciding whether to press charges.'

'In a letter to U.S. Department of Justice officials, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton allege that State Attorney Norm Wolfinger met with the Sanford police chief within hours of the teen's death and that together they overruled a detective's recommendation that Zimmerman be charged with manslaughter. The letter claims a lead investigator filed an affidavit stating that he didn't find Zimmerman's story credible.'

'Wolfinger called the allegations "lies" and said no meeting took place.' ~ Published April 3, 2012

'Brawl: Injuries to Zimmerman's face and head, combined with Trayvon Martin's bloody knuckles, reveal a fight between the two that is consistent with Zimmerman's story to police.'

'Evidence: This photo shows the head wounds that George Zimmerman's doctor noted in his medical report.'

'Bleeding: Zimmerman's head wound is clearly visible in this photo provided to his defence team this week.'

'Zimmerman, who is charged with murder in the killing, claims he acted in self-defense and only shot Trayvon when the teen saw the pistol he was carrying and reached for it.'

'It was then, Zimmerman said, he drew the gun himself and pulled the trigger.'

'Zimmerman claims that's when Trayvon approached him and threatened him. He told police the teen started the fight by punching in him the face.' ~ By DAILY MAIL REPORTER - PUBLISHED: 17:56 EST, 18 May 2012 | UPDATED: 17:57 EST, 18 May 2012

'The president neglected to say that, according to the jury decision in George Zimmerman's trial, if Martin had truly been an innocent person, nothing would have happened the night of the shooting either, regardless of his race. If Martin was innocent and proceeded to walk to his father's house, without stopping to confront Zimmerman, he would still be alive. If he hadn't sucker-punched Zimmerman in the face, jumped on top of him, and began beating Zimmerman's head into the ground, he would still be alive today, regardless of his race.'

'In October, 2011, Martin was caught on a school surveillance video defacing lockers with obscenities using a magic marker pen. The police investigator said Martin was “hiding and being suspicious.” When the officer confronted Martin the next day he found Martin’s backpack contained some women’s jewelry — a watch, some silver wedding bands and diamond-encrusted earrings. Martin told the officer, “They’re not mine. A friend gave it to me.” Continuing his search, the officer found a large flat-headed screwdriver which the officer described as a burglar’s tool. The jewelry was turned over to the police and Martin was suspended for defacing school property.' ~ Written by Bob Adelmann | Monday, 22 July 2013

'Much of the new evidence disclosed Thursday in filings by Zimmerman's attorneys comes from Martin's cell phone, including photos showing a semiautomatic pistol and ammunition and small marijuana plants growing in pots.'

'The text messages include a conversation from November 2011 in which he appears to say his mother has kicked him out of the house after "da police caught me outta skool."

"So you just turning into a lil hoodlum," the person with whom he is texting says.'

"Naw, I'm a gangsta," the text message read.'

'In other messages, text message exchanges appear to be discussing guns.'

"U wanna share a .380 w/ (blacked out)," one text message sent from Martin's phone reads.'

"The pretrial release of these irrelevant red herrings is a desperate and pathetic attempt by the defense to pollute and sway the jury pool."...... Instead, he said, jurors will focus on Zimmerman's arrest for battery on a police officer, a domestic violence injunction and other issues he said demonstrate a "propensity for violence." ~ By Michael Pearson and David Mattingly | Updated 1:21 PM ET, Sun May 26, 2013

'The dominant photo of Martin shows him 13 or 14 years old, wearing a red Hollister T-shirt. Other photos, none of them recent, depict a young Martin in a youth football uniform, holding a baby and posing with a snowboard. He is the picture of innocence.'

'The most common photo of Zimmerman is a 2005 police mugshot. He is 22 in the photo, which was taken after he was arrested for assaulting an officer. (The charges were dropped.) He looks unhappy, if not angry.'

'Keith Jenkins, head of multimedia at NPR, wasn’t as concerned about the first Zimmerman photo -- it was the only one available -- as he was with news outlets’ choice of Martin photos. They generally chose the one of the boy in the red T-shirt rather than a more recent photo of him in a gray hoodie, which has been available all along.' ~ BY ALICIA SHEPARD · MARCH 30, 2012

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Tamir Rice

'A photo released today by the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office shows what it says is a real gun next to the replica gun 12-year-old Tamir Rice had the day he was shot dead by a Cleveland, Ohio, police officer'

'The report said that an orange tip that would normally be on the fake gun was removed along with its laser sight in Tamir's case.'

'Rice was killed in November 2014 after a concerned onlooker reported seeing someone with a gun at a local recreation center. However, information given to the 911 operator that the suspect may have been a juvenile and the gun may have been fake was never passed on to dispatch.'

"The officers, who had no idea that the gun was fake or that Tamir was only 12, thought he was going to pull the gun out at them," the report said.' ~ By EMILY SHAPIRO | Dec 28, 2015, 9:52 PM ET

An Ohio grand jury has decided not to return an indictment in the 2014 police shooting death of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, a prosecutor said. CNN's Jean Casarez reports. ~ Published on Dec 28, 2015

'As the cruiser stopped, Tamir reached into his right waistband and pulled out the replica gun, McGinty previously told'

'Loehmann got out of the cruiser and fired his service weapon twice at close range. Loehmann said he shouted warnings to Tamir to drop his firearm, but the whole interaction lasted less than two seconds.' ~ By Eric Heisig | Updated Jan 18, 2017; Posted Jan 13, 2017

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Truly Convicted

There are some cases of white-on-black violence that are more obvious as the facts come out. The media can't divide us as well when there is more general agreement to the details. The narrative that the guilty involved are all systemically getting away with it doesn't pan out...............

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Dylann Roof

'Prosecutors are using Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof’s own words to portray him as a cruel angry racist at his death penalty trial.'

'He thought about shooting drug dealers, but they might shoot back, he said. Instead, Roof told the FBI, he picked the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in June 2015 because there likely wouldn’t be white people there, and the people he chose to slaughter were more likely to be meek.'

“This was an attack on a race of people and an attack on the Christian church and an attack on humanity,” Graham said.'

“I had to do it because somebody had to,” Roof said. “Blacks are raping and killing white people on the streets every day... What I did is still minuscule to what they’re doing to white people every day.” ~ December 10, 2016, 12:10 PM

-Isn't this the same rationale that the BLM rioters and cop-killers use in confronting or attacking others for their mere categorical affiliations?

"Did you shoot them?" a law enforcement officer asked a calm and composed Roof. "Yes," Roof replied, followed by another laugh.'

'At one point, Roof, 22, described his crime as "political" and said he considered himself "a white supremacist."

"Our people are superior," he said. "That's just the fact."

'His views on race were awakened by the Trayvon Martin case in Florida, he said. He also talked about Muslims overrunning parts of Europe. He said he supported Hitler.'

'His goal was "to agitate race relations," the suspect said.'

'Assistant US Attorney Jay Richardson told the jury of nine whites and three African-Americans.'

'He was welcomed into the Bible study and displayed a "cold and hateful heart" by sitting with the group more than 30 minutes, Richardson said.' ~ By Ray Sanchez and Keith O'Shea | Updated 7:16 AM ET, Sat December 10, 2016

'In a statement, South Carolina governor Nikki Haley said: “It is my hope that the survivors, the families, and the people of South Carolina can find some peace in the fact that justice has been served.”

'Jurors also watched a taped confession during Roof’s initial questioning by the FBI in which he can be heard saying “I did it” and “I killed them.”

'Roof stated both during questioning and in written manifestos that he had hoped his shooting attack at the Mother Emanuel AME church, a historic black house of worship in a city with a long history of racial strife, would spark a race war. Instead, the most tangible change in the shooting’s aftermath was the removal of the Confederate flag from the South Carolina statehouse.' ~ JamilesLartey | Thu 15 Dec 2016 15.33 EST

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Walter Scott Shooting

-North Charleston S.C police officer charged in death of black motorist Walter Scott who was shot in the back while running away. Footage appears to show officer replanting taser next to victim in order to portray false evidence that his life was endangered by the motorist taking his taser.

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NAACP School Choice

'Instead, by voting firmly in support of the Democratic Party and the powerful teacher unions that finance Democrats’ campaigns, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) turned its back not only on everything the group purports to advance, but also on the more than 700,000 black students by voting for a partisan resolution calling for a moratorium on charter schools.'

'Besides turning their back on families benefiting from charter schools, the NAACP also rejected years of scholarly research finding considerable improvement in academic scores and college readiness for African-American students enrolled in charter schools.' ~ Israel Ortega | Oct 18, 2016, 09:07am

'Nobody cared when, for decade after decade, black kids were assigned to failure factories that set them up for a life of poverty and dependency. But give the parents of these children a choice to select alternatives, and suddenly the people who care about where these students go to school come crawling out of the woodwork.'

'I find it disturbing when a teachers' union leader in Tennessee sits in front of a camera and says that “some parents are not capable of determining” where their children should go to school. That he is an African American makes the statement no more palatable now than when white bigots in Tennessee expressed similar sentiments about the capabilities of blacks in the 1960s.'

'At my age, I become skeptical of promises that are not kept. I no longer trust unions and politicians and bureaucracies, and their never-ending promises and reforms, to bring opportunity to the communities I serve.' ~ T. Willard Fair | 4:16 a.m. ET May 17, 2017

'Now it’s the NAACP telling parents to wait while school districts fix traditional public schools. Telling them that abandoning their neighborhood public school for a public charter school is a civil rights crime, because saving traditional public schools will somehow save poor and minority kids… someday. Propping up failing schools is so important, in the NAACP’s view, that parents should forgo their right to a choice, just so the traditional system can have all the resources—regardless of whether its students are succeeding.'

'Former NAACP president (ousted in May 2017) Cornell Brooks previously explained that NAACP’s actions are not inspired by an ideological opposition to charter schools but by the organization’s historical support of public schools. Yet, Brooks embraced school choice for his own family. Both of his sons attend/attended The Potomac School, a private school in Fairfax County, Virginia, where tuition ranges from $33,000 a year for kindergarten to $38,500 for high school.' ~ By Emily Langhorne / 8.4.2017

'American Federation of Teachers leader Randi Weingarten wants you to think that school choice is racist.'

'The irony here is choice is most often directed to families of color and those in poverty, who desperately need better options for their children. In Detroit, where students at the worst urban public school district in the country score single digits in reading and math proficiency, charter schools provide the only lifeline. And parents flock to them. Over half the city’s children are in charter and private schools.' ~ Ingrid Jacques - 11:00 p.m. ET Aug. 3, 2017 | Updated 11:13 a.m. ET Aug. 4, 2017

“7 out of 8 Black public school students in America attend traditional public schools, so it goes without saying that the traditional public school system is far more responsible than charter schools for the inequities and outcomes of Black students.” ~ Chris Stewart | POSTED JULY 31, 2017

'Too many of our African-American leaders simply defer their beliefs to organizations like the NAACP which once represented our people well. What they must do however is recognize times have changed and we have to have the honest discussions about what we were going to do about our children who continue to be failed by traditional institutions and bureaucracy.'

'We can’t wait 20 more years. Time is most certainly running out. The circumstances that we deal with every day in Miami — and I dare say in every major urban area in the United States — are getting worse, not better. Time is running out for our communities, and we cannot wait another moment, let alone another decade to live without the kind of good choice among good schools that will eventually make a world of difference.' ~ T. Willard Fair | 11:13 a.m. ET Sept. 21, 2017

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Southern Strategy

Some hold belief that the Southern Strategy of Republicans is the justification as to why blacks must now solely vote Democrat but how true is this narrative?......

'Nixon had an excellent record on civil rights. He supported the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. He was an avid champion of the desegregation of public schools. The progressive columnist Tom Wicker wrote in the New York Times, “There’s no doubt about it — the Nixon administration accomplished more in 1970 to desegregate Southern school.'

'Now, would a man seeking to build an electoral base of Deep South white supremacists actually promote the first program to legally discriminate in favor of blacks? This is absurd.'

'Nixon’s focus, Phillips writes, was on the non-racist, upwardly-mobile, largely urban voters of the Outer or Peripheral South. Nixon won these voters, and he lost the Deep South, which went to Democratic segregationist George Wallace.'

'The rest, more than 200 Dixiecrat senators, congressmen, governors and high elected officials, all stayed in the Democratic Party.' ~ BY DINESH D'SOUZA | 08/23/18 11:00 AM EDT

Why Did the Democratic South Become Republican? - The south used to vote Democrat. Now it votes Republican. Why the switch? Was it, as some people say, because the GOP decided to appeal to racist whites? Carol Swain, Professor of Political Science at Vanderbilt University, explains. ~ Published on Jul 24, 2017

Did The Parties Switch? - "Great American Political Party Switch" between the Republicans and the Democrats. Time to discover the truth, and expose the lies. Time for some Political Juice. ~ Published on Nov 1, 2017

Democrat "Party Switch" Myth Debunked: Mark Levin reads and comments on various articles that debunk the infamous 'Party Switch' myth which Democrats have concocted in order to deflect their own shameful history of anti-Civil-Rights actions on to Republicans. "parties/ideologies switched sides" - simply is a LIE. ~ Published on Aug 26, 2014

In 1981, the legendarily brutal campaign consultant Lee Atwater, after a decade as South Carolina's most effective Republican operative, was working in Ronald Reagan's White House when he was interviewed by Alexander Lamis, a political scientist at Case Western Reserve University.

In this audio, made public for the first time ever, Atwater lays out how Republicans can win the vote of racists without sounding racist themselves. ~ Published on Nov 13, 2012

-Adherents to the: 'parties-totally-switched-places-by-Southern-strategy' theory will rely on this audio as proof of such intention, however by listening to Lee Atwater's words several times and providing context from the whole transcript of the interview plus the fact that Atwater was an avid blues fan, played and made an album with black musicians like Isaac Hayes, Billy Preston and B.B. King kinda indicates he was not a racist. In this clip he was merely describing (and quoting in old southern rhetorical rationale for illustration) how the South's politics were adapting over time -- distancing from purely racist justifications towards more generally valid reasons in holding same stances. So a more fair description of this audio excerpt should be: 'Atwater lays out (albeit clumsily) how Republicans can win the vote of racists without BEING racist themselves.'

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Police Shootings

Keep in mind that the BLM narratives and the attacks on police only put more stress and fear on police forces which makes mistakes more likely to occur and our interactions with law enforcement more risky and less pleasant......

'Police shootings of black men are rare, for example, but they get far more media coverage than when black civilians shoot one another, which is much more common. There were 4,368 shootings in Chicago last year, according to the Chicago Tribune’s crime database. Almost all of the shooting victims were black, and more than 99% of the shootings were carried out by civilians, not cops.' ~ Jason L. Riley | January 11, 2017

"White officers do not kill black suspects at a higher rate compared with nonwhite officers," concludes a research team led by Charles Menifield, dean of the School of Public Affairs and Administration at Rutgers University–Newark.'

"While only about 13 percent of the American population is black," they write, "28 percent of people killed by police are black."

'The victims were overwhelmingly male (95.5 percent), and less than 1 percent were unarmed at the time of the incident. "The gun could been in the car, or on them, but it was there at the time they were killed," Menifield noted.'

"we find that nonwhite officers kill both black and Latino suspects at significantly higher rates than white officers," they write. "This is likely due to the fact that minority police officers tend to be assigned to minority neighborhoods, and therefore have more contact with minority suspects." ~ TOM JACOBS | AUG 9, 2018

'According MacDonald's analysis of the Washington Post police shooting database and federal crime statistics revealed that cops kill nearly 12 percent of white and Hispanic homicide victims. In contrast, cops kill only 4 percent of black homicide victims.'

'Despite Kaepernick’s claims, the real problem is not police targeting blacks. The real problem is that for whatever reason blacks commit a disproportionate share of the crimes.'

'Police did not kill them; other blacks killed them. In fact, a police officer is 18.5 times more likely to be killed by an armed black suspect "than an unarmed black man is likely to be killed by a police officer," according to MacDonald.' ~ Donald Gilleland | Published 5:58 p.m. ET Sept. 28, 2017 | Updated 10:29 a.m. ET Oct. 3, 2017

'This statistic shows the number of people shot to death by the U.S. police in 2017 and 2018 up to October 1st, distinguished by race.'

-By raw numbers more whites are shot by police than blacks nationwide. Still, the share by blacks is disproportionately higher attributed to the more prevalent crime culture among urban blacks with gangs and the like.

'Ninety-five percent of officers go through their entire careers without discharging their weapons. Contrary to public image, officers do not wish to be in a deadly-force incident and do everything in their power to avoid it at all costs, often times to their own peril. There are about 34,000 arrests each day in this country and well over 10 million a year, and in many of those arrests suspects are taken into custody safely even when many are extremely violent. Only a very small number result in shots fired.'

'More than 3,000 people are killed every year by unarmed assailants. Eleven percent of all officers murdered in the line of duty from 2013 to 2015 were killed by unarmed persons.' ~ By Joseph Loughlin and Kate Flora October 21, 2017 | 12:52pm

'As it has for the last three years, the Washington Post dedicated a team of data collectors and writers to focus on the issue of fatal shootings by police, producing a long story earlier this month headlined: “Nationwide, police shot and killed nearly 1,000 people in 2017.”

'Note that while the issue of unarmed black males being shot by police drew enormous news coverage last year – enough to make the average person think there was a massive wave of such shootings – according to the Post’s own tally only 2 percent of those who died as a result of police shootings were unarmed black men and boys.'

'Yet four paragraphs later, the Post story blows the poisonous dog-whistle of race – even though 98 percent of people shot by police last year were not unarmed black males.'

'So when you think about shooting by police, remember that each year thousands of cops are feloniously assaulted and injured by dangerous attackers. And despite the danger, and their annual face-to-face contacts with tens of millions of us, police fatally shot only 987 people last year – a tiny fraction of 1 percent of those who assaulted the cops.' ~ By Ron Hosko | Published January 14 2018?

'Contrary to the Black Lives Matter narrative, the police have much more to fear from black males than black males have to fear from the police. In 2015, a police officer was 18.5 times more likely to be killed by a black male than an unarmed black male was to be killed by a police officer.'

'Black males have made up 42 percent of all cop-killers over the last decade, though they are only 6 percent of the population. That 18.5 ratio undoubtedly worsened in 2016, in light of the 53 percent increase in gun murders of officers — committed vastly and disproportionately by black males.'

'Among all homicide suspects whose race was known, white killers of blacks numbered only 243.'

'Four studies came out in 2016 alone rebutting the charge that police shootings are racially biased. If there is a bias in police shootings, it works in favor of blacks and against whites.' ~ By Heather Mac Donald September 26, 2017

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Arrested White Privilege

If the subjects in these incidents happened to be black then the media would have more racially sensationalized these cases and called in experts to decry racism and supposed racist policies for days on end no doubt. There needs to be more delineation between truly racial incidents and those that just happen to involve people of color going through the same broad controversies between citizens and police use of force. There's not much of an advantage in being a white detainee in these videos.

-Girl on Wildwood, NJ beach asked to take breathalyzer. Dispute ensues over meaning of 'open carry' on beach. Girl refuses to give name. This leads to her arrest which she resists while taken down.

~Published on May 30, 2018

-Girl defendant in the Wildwood, NJ beach arrest case gives her side of the story.

~Published on Jun 6, 2018

-Cops respond to call about gun man. They pull up and someone walking does not follow orders while cop has drawn gun. Cop shoots as walker appears to be pulling something from his waist.

~Published on Jun 5, 2015

-Cops arrive in hotel after call about man with rifle. Man in hall (Daniel Shaver) told to comply with orders from cops or get shot. Shaver was given array of body position commands after having been drinking and under stress. However, he does reach behind his back and gets shot.

~Published on Dec 10, 2017

-A police officer's view of the Daniel Shaver shooting from both sides of the issue.

~Published on Dec 16, 2017

-Man hooking up boat says he videos cop driving by. Cop pulls up with what looks like camera too. Cop then comes out of vehicle and approaches asking citizen to take hands out of pocket. Citizen refuses and then cop removes gun from holster but not pointing it at man while calling for backup. Man then quickly empties phone and keys from pocket on hood of vehicle, then backs up while pointing finger at cop and being confrontational. Constable approaches at distance with gun in more ready position but not pointed at man. Man continues to berate. They have exchange at distance and constable asks if man is constitutionalist, crazy guy (more like sovereign-citizen anarchist). Officer then returns to vehicle.

~Published on Aug 7, 2015

-Teen pulled over but refuses to show license or cooperate. Put under arrest, resists, tasered but missed. Teen attacks cop and then shot.

~Published on Oct 16, 2015

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