All judicial officials such as judges, attorney generals, clerks of court are to be appointed by the executive and/or legislative branches, hired/nominated by or promoted from within the judicial system or selected by an associated body of law enforcement as opposed to being popularly elected. This is because there needs to be at least one branch of government wholly clear of the sways of populist election concerning entry of office. Basic observation would appear to support that court races are not as generally well known or understood by the electorate especially the so-called non-partisan court races where the court candidates are not allowed to express any party affiliation. This just adds to the confusion and workload upon voters when they try to gauge the candidates' stances and judicial philosophies. With these unknowns occurring in popular court races it's possible voters will end up nullifying, contradicting or dis-proportioning their intended direction of the government as a whole when those races are compared to or compliment with the expression in the voters' legislative and executive races. All in all it is safer and more accountable to the system to let the voters' legislative and/or executive officeholders make judicial appointments or allow hiring/nominating by or promotions from within the judicial branch or have selections made by relevant law enforcement bodies as first mentioned in the opening statement. Some combination of those bodily selection methods may exist as well.

Though judicial officials would not be popularly voted into office, we provide a direct method to the populace to invoke removal of a particular judicial official at the more local or intermediate level when such official exhibits a series and degree of poor, abusive, callous or permissive rulings or actions. A petition for removal or towards a referendum for the same will invoke upon appropriate thresholds. Mid to upper-level judicial officials at state or national office are subject to removal by sufficient confederation of agreement between county/municipal or state legislative branches respectively. As well appointments can be rescinded by the originating appointing bodies under particular circumstances not to mention impeachment for the more criminal offenses. Some of these procedures may already be in effect within certain governments and jurisdictions.