Where popular elections occur for municipal chiefs of police, county sheriffs or even tops of state, national police forces should they occur - such popular elections will alternate cycle-to-cycle with appointments-selections to the same by an associated legislative body and/or executive or by the associated law enforcement department(s). Such appointment-selection should occur not too long after the seating of the election cycle. The appointing-selecting bodies have option to first choose whether or not to change the current sitting official with respect to any applicable limit of terms.

Because law enforcement has such direct contact with the populace while carrying the ability to use force upon the people, this alternating cycle of appointment-selection and popular election of the law enforcement heads will incur some checks and balances to both popular and institutional biases.

Nonetheless, it will be between the constituency and the governing branches of a particular jurisdiction whether to invoke popular election of law enforcement heads where only appointment-selection takes place now. Invocation can occur when the appointed-selected heads or even the general practices of the law enforcement body are deemed not to be sufficiently responsive to concerns of the populace within their jurisdiction.