There will be no laws prohibiting vice such as prostitution, drugs or gambling. Nor will there be such heavy taxation or overregulation of these activities generating black markets akin to what exists wherever there is prohibition and all of its associated underworld violence. While there will be no general prohibitions of vice, there will be adequate regulation concerning such activities in order to keep such practices free of fraud, coercion, safety, health or environmental concerns while allowing partakers of such activities recourse whenever they suffer violation.

Approaching vices like drugs and prostitution this way instead of resources going to expand prisons, doling out prison records, marginalizing practitioners and invoking criminal black markets allows for better quality of life amongst practitioners. We can better rely on social services, civic groups, charities and ministries to provide deliverance as opposed to the current state of prohibition and condemnation championed by religionists and moralists. Prohibition drives such activities into the hands of underground criminal syndicates where the inflated prices, intimidation, violence and general illegality limit mitigation resulting in more overall negative social consequences for society.

We will not prohibit pornography nor inordinately tax sweets in similar fashion.

Government shall not own or operate gambling venues (casinos, lotteries, etc.). Gambling operations will be left to private and independent enterprise with adequate oversight.