In the ideal, the Commonwealth Party wants to preserve our union. However, with the abuses of power that the federal government engages in: overriding constitutional rights of the people and states, D.C. corruption and mismanagement, the loss of sovereignty of our nation and our troops to globalism -- all make the justification of secession more valid as time passes and as those trends intensify.

Thus, in the interests of preserving the principles of our intended union, the Commonwealth Party will support states and territories should they secede in order to secure those constitutional rights and freedoms. Furthermore the Commonwealth Party would support a collection of such states to unite into a new and constitutionally inspired order that would fulfill the original free-republic intents of the U.S. Constitution that are being violated by today's federal government. We refer to such a collection as "The American Commonwealth Republics". Similar argument can be made for counties seceding from states or municipalities from counties.

Keep in mind that secession need not be permanent. Return can happen when the system is rectified.