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*Bush preached homeland security while leaving border wide-open








Reasons For The Commonwealth Party...

The Republican and Democrat two-party system has nearly destroyed a free and prosperous America. The federal government is virtually bankrupt. State and local governments are taking on massive debt. Citizens are taxed at a rate higher than European serfs during the Feudal Age. Typical two-income households have to devote most of one income towards taxation -- paying more than food, clothing and shelter combined.

Despite the massive revenue taken from the most wealthy nation in history, the politicians have failed in their scheme to end poverty, produce affordable health care, furnish sound and adequate retirement, sustain quality and affordable education and have not yielded a flexible self-sustaining economy. Instead they have let America become vulnerable to attack, allowed gang reign in the prisons, closed the ballot to truly free and open elections and debauched the currency all while trampling your personal and property rights.

The Republican and Democrat parties have been heading towards total failure on every level without excuse. They are the political Pharisees and Sadducees of our time. Only by removing their exclusive and eclipsing power can the nation be saved.

Secession Is Not Radical Because You Have Already Seceded Yourself.

By voting Republican and Democrat all these years you have allowed the government to secede from the traditional and intended standards of the country's founding. This has resulted in the introduction of unconstitutional and improper programs like the Social Security Ponzi scheme, the oppressive income tax, the Federal Reserve fraud, the bankrupting Medicaid/Medicare boondoggles plus fiascos like FEMA and TSA.

The two parties have allowed for the inappropriate amendment of the constitution which has made the states more like mere regional federal possessions at the whims of a vast, centralized national government. State governments no longer have adequate representation at the federal level, whereas state legislatures used to appoint US Senators. Also, the ability to nationally tax the people directly is no longer proportional to enumeration (population) of the States, which has allowed for the continuing income tax and IRS abuses. Thus, the once free Republic has been moved more towards an unstable, mob-rule democracy.

Note too the corruption of state governments regarding the restrictions of the US Constitution and to their own original constitutions and those founding principles as well. For instance, state governments are actually required to pay all debts in gold or silver coin only. Other examples are state income taxes, asset forfeiture and eminent domain abuse.

The Union government has done next to nothing to keep the illegals from invading the southwestern states where they intend to set up their own nation of Aztlan or Republica del Norte. The Union has a higher allegiance to the globalists and to the elimination of national borders on the North American continent. You and your land are mere collateral for the New World Order.

Foreclosures, high unemployment, sovereign debt, volatile markets, fear of default and flash mobs. Now you see that you can no longer afford to vote for the two-party evils. Before the end of the naughts we should have effectively removed both parties' stranglehold on the nation's political power. So now a Commonwealth of seceding states withdrawing from an occupied and imposter America has become a more viable option. Whether or not this occurs or whether they would return depends on getting the nation back under true constitutional rule.

Iraqis have more ballot choice than you do. This is an outrage!!! Our ballots should immediately be open to real competition -- not closed to independents and third parties nor skewed by canned debates. The taxpayer campaign funding of Republicans and Democrats should immediately cease, for this would be real campaign finance reform. Only then can the 'royal' career politicians be ousted and our government returned to citizen rule. This is much better than what the career politicians should get -- for they deserve the guillotine for denying our right to free elections, falsifying the securities of the United States (Coinage Act 1792 - Sect. 19) and compromising the national security of the people.

We will triumph over them, for they have lost the mandate of heaven by their corruption.

*More concerned with appeasing brutal tyrants and with the rights of barbarian terrorists than the protection of their victims

*Some Republican supporters opposed lifesaving, STD cervical cancer school vaccine because they thought it promotes promiscuity

*Support higher gas prices by denying domestic drilling and refineries while sustaining high gas taxes

*Bush made you pay more for steel products due to protectionist trade tariffs, nearly causing a trade war

*Think the Social Security Ponzi scheme is just fine and will not deal with its inevitable bankruptcy

*Too cowardly to embrace the FairTax

*Higher priority to punish Wal-Mart or oil companies than to oppose propaganda of their Islama-collectivist allies: Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR)

*Bush signed away your free speech rights on McCain's campaign finance "reform"

*Ironically continue to regressively tax lower working incomes through the payroll tax by rejecting the FairTax - suppressing wages and exposing everyone to the imbedded drag of the income tax

*Attrition to Social Security reform but zealously pursuing the likes of flag burners

*Helped prolong the Iraq war through politicized protests, vilifying the war effort, opposing victory and presenting a divided America to the enemy

*Bush administration went after college bong shops instead of potential criminals crossing Mexican border

*Peddle welfare to the able-bodied

*Republicans thought you needed them to defend your marriage. They have yet to end the current silly debate by getting government out of licensing any type of marriage!

*Further heightened intelligence wall about the FBI, obscuring warnings of
(Gorelick memo)

*Spent recklessly and grew government during the Bush era

*Implement classist, race-baiting tactics and the "bigotry of low expectations"

*Oppose valid medical marijuana for chemo sufferers just because pot offends them

*Resort to the anti-American U.N. over U.S. sovereignty

*Icon Reagan reneged tax-cut package and practiced harsh trade protectionism

*Support barbarian, baby brain-sucking partial birth abortion

*Bush championed a confusing, government boondoggle prescription drug program which will subsidize prescriptions of well-off retirees

*Impoverish farmers and family businesses with the death tax

*Spendthrift Bush doubled the national debt, provided scant vetoes over government growth

*Chris Dodd & Barney Frank let Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac run amok until they collapsed

*Furnish non opposition new-toners like McCain, Schwarzenegger, Colin Powell, Arlen Specter, Susan Collins

*Minority contingent suffers under panic, paranoia & esteem issues due to PTSD inherited from the civil rights struggle - wards of and taken advantage by the Democratic mentality & machine

*Bush & Sec. Paulson forced banks to take TARP money


*Bush/McCain supported amnesty for illegal border crossers

*Obama lectures us on gun control after issuing shallow records and granting immunity concerning Fast & Furious gun sale to Mexican gangs. Investigation led to administration resignations. Evidence suggests officials knew more than they let on

*Gave GE fat-cat crony Jeffrey Immelt head position on his jobs council, bailed out GE after Immelt made deal to support Obama campaign in '08. GE then enjoyed a tax-free period

*Inadequate action to protect Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi, Libya despite repeated requests before attack. Typical Obama regime obfuscation provided no access to survivors or witnesses afterwards despite claiming otherwise

*Questionable transparency over odd reports of huge DHS purchase of bullets at 1000 rounds more per agent than our shooting soldiers! Run on ammo has police departments rationing

*Obama puts out timely college basketball brackets while violating the law by usually issuing a late budget. His budgets are frivolous jokes - even his own party votes against them!

*Most reckless bankrupting politician in world history. Accumulating more debt than all previous presidents COMBINED!

*Allowing for a large fleet of spy drones to fly over more typical Americans

*Leaked OBL raid details to Hollywood & outed the Pakistani doctor asset. Int'l intelligence community blames administration for exposing an operation against airline bombers

*Con artist Obama practicing predatory corporate welfare to control and subdue free market economy under a Marxist-Fascist ideology

*Saboteur Obama impeded measures to contain BP oil in Gulf of Mexico

*Obama The Terrible abets invasion of AZ through lawsuit against their immigration law using false racial arguments

*Anti-business, anti-wealth Obama kills offshore oil-drilling jobs with unnecessary moratorium

*Admits we're out of money yet going to put trillions toward a doomed, government-rationed health care debacle

*Quadrupled Bush's record deficit then says he's saving the taxpayer money by cutting less than 1% off that new debt!

*Some Democrats considering imposition of an additional national retail sales tax (VAT) at 10-25% to cover Obama spending!

* Obama, Pelosi & Gore campaigned for cap-and-trade system that will make gas, electricity more expensive and will dearth America's energy and manufacturing sectors

*Considered making returning veterans use their own private health insurance for war injuries!

*Hindering war effort by applying inappropriate civil protocols in war situations (Miranda rights for enemy combatants)

*Altered rules of engagement in Afghanistan to our disadvantage, putting our troops in greater peril

*Inefficient, ineffective sugar daddy to the incompetent masses

*McCain shared pool of presidential appointees with Obama

*New Republican Senator Scott Brown (MA) enabled passage of Sen. Harry Reid's $15 billion jobs bill & a bureaucratic bailout: the Wall St. "reform" package

*Killjoy Republicans just had to outlaw online gambling, moral reasons suspect to protection of physical casino industry

*Most of a previous Senate's Republicans attached near 4,000 earmarks to an Omnibus Spending Bill

*A Republican Congress caved in to burdensome, questionable Sarbanes-Oxley which some blame for chasing companies off stock market

*Republican Establishment screwed up in NY district 23 race by supporting the most liberal-progressive candidate running as Republican and not supporting the more constitutional candidate who ran third-party. Republicans had seated that district since 1873!

*Conspired against the grassroots at their 2012 convention via commandeering a bus of delegates and a suspiciously scripted teleprompter and floor vote carried out by establishment operator & House Speaker John Boehner

*Senators McCain and Graham chastised Rand Paul filibuster which prodded executive-order, emergency-powers, czar-crazy Obama administration to finally make a more definite statement over domestic drone killing policy on noncombatant U.S. citizens

*RNC issued "autopsy" on party sympathetic to de facto amnesty, embracing moderate or pro-establishment candidates over building a more traditionalist, constitutionalist party to function as an opposition

*Pres. candidate Romney strapped with Romneycare, denied effective tax cuts for upper brackets, had apology tour over "47%" comment, lacked tax system replacement plan. Short on some explanations, justifications and tenacity in exposing opponent

*A party whose history is centralization and mercantilism, masquerading as the small government party since the Wilsonian era

*Differing factions spliced together brings forth a dysfunctional party machine which thwarts whole and true constitutional, free market candidates and governance

*A state-subsidized party that will never provide the complete solution needed to save America

*Gutless and cannot reform

-- How The Politicians Have Ripped You Off --

FEDERAL RESERVE FRAUD -- The banksters and politicians colluded to defraud you of the valuable gold and silver coinage you could have accrued true wealth with. They needed an unending supply of easy money from which to enrich themselves and yield great power over us, while enslaving everyone to their debt notes. To do this, they created a central bank called the Federal Reserve despite that it is not really federal and there are no real applicable reserves. "From the Great Depression, to the stagflation of the '70s, to the burst of the bubble...every economic downturn suffered by the country over the last 80 years can be traced to Federal Reserve policy" -- that from 'rogue elephant' Congressman Ron Paul of Texas. Now today, it will be the impending housing bubble burst and soverign debt crisis. Also, the Fed provokes wars and societal decadence. While the colluders spend their false money which can be printed up at will, they bankrupt the nation through continual inflation plus the interest where you pay the final bill of their debt-based currency scheme. The current unconstitutional dollar is nearing collapse as you read this regardless of its portrayal as sound in terms of a basket of likewise flimsy fiat currencies. Visit: (See also the Communist Manefesto - 5th plank)

SOCIAL SECURITY SCAM -- For up to $90k income earners, around 12% of your compensation for labor goes to Social Security including the matching funds coerced out of your employer. Around age 65, you will then be paid back in monthly increments though you may die before getting back the full amount you put in. Regardless, you could have yielded much more for your retirement than what Social Security does return. A bank account with compound interest could return a multiple of the increments paid out to you by Social Security. Spendthrift politicians have other plans and want to intercept and raid you of your retirement money -- the Social Security "trust fund" is already a pile of I.O.U.s. There is no binding contract for Social Security to provide you with any benefits as Congress can change those benefits 'at any time' and they will do so as it heads towards insolvency. Social Security is also an impediment which lessens or denies leaving an inheritance for your family. Some politicians actually think that this retirement Ponzi scheme is a great idea and that it should not be touched. Are you gullible enough to let this continue? Go to: Harry Browne on Social Security & Cato Institute on Social Security (Refer to: Communist Manefesto - 3rd plank)

INCOME TAX SWINDLE -- The Communist Manefesto calls for a "heavy...graduated income tax" (2nd plank). For significant net taxpayers by wage between the bottom and top bracket, the more you earn the MORE OVERLY DISPROPORTIONATE a rate of tax you pay where once one enters into the top bracket they are assessed a constant rate too high on all further pay. It is so totally warped. The top half of income earners pay about 97% of the federal income tax burden. That's why tax cuts seemingly apply only to "the rich". Also the income tax extracts from your paycheck before you can spend or invest that capital which lessens economic activity, investments and savings. It is akin to prematurely pruning a plant in the garden. In that analogy, the growth of the plant gets stunted so there is significant loss further on. By taxing in those ways government takes more of the nation's abundant top capital for squander instead of letting it go back into the people's economy. This is why capital only trickles down to the lower and middle classes instead of cascading down. And did you know that over 40% of those who file (near 47% of households) do not suffer under any income tax liability? The bottom 60% of households now get federal transfer income that exceeds their tax render. The wealthier should pay more, but this is way too skewed. And don't get worked-up over the "Buffet rule" argument as that has been shown to apply only to a small proportion of the wealthy. Besides, the national retail (consumption) sales tax advocated in the further text would take care of that anomaly.

Note that filing income tax is a method the government uses to spy on your finances and lifestyle. Withholding is how the government borrows money from you interest-free (assuming you get a refund) while you pay harsh penalties for missed deadlines and underestimated incomes. The IRS is basically an extortionist operation. They have been snagged for politically biased tax-exemption denials.

So are you tired of the filing chores, confusing codes, lack of fairness and all the inefficiencies of the current income tax system? Do you want something easier, less time-consuming and more automatic? Well there are two general proposals about. One is a flat tax which is a less hostile direct tax with a basic rate. It has few or no deductions, exemptions or credits and a much simplified and concise filing. There are different versions - one does its brief filing on a postcard. Advocates have put forth a flat tax with one blanket deduction to insulate lower to middle incomes from the tax while exempting all interest, dividend and capital gains income making for a marginally flat tax or one that applies a single rate to all income categorized as taxable. This can be all good and well but in the end the flat tax still uses the other collection tools of the income tax - withholding, payroll (regressive) and business tax - making it less efficient and still more burdensome than a consumption sales tax. Retaining all the general infrastructures allows for the various lobbies to eventually contort it back towards a more complex, playing-favorites income tax. So instead we agree to advocate a consumption sales tax solution. However, we can still use a flat tax as a stepping stone towards a sales-tax based system. When such a flat tax is enacted, we use it for a period until some January 1st when the national retail (consumption) sales tax would be put into effect.

Now to that end, with the lack of political will to cut out all the unconstitutional spending and in order to pay off the national debt, we need to expedite immediately an end to the current inefficient tax system which is far beyond cost of the traditional excises of the Uniform Apportionment Tax that the founders intended and make way to implement the FairTax which is our agreed ideal alternative. A comparatively painless more across-the-board excise, the FairTax functions as a retail consumption sales tax and will more efficiently raise revenue than the current system. It is fair because virtually everyone gets an effective tax cut, everyone pays the same immediate rate on their consumption and the poor are untaxed as every head of household receives a monthly prebate for taxation on necessities up to the poverty level (supplemental X #dependents). Education costs, used items, business-to-business production purchases, investments and savings are untaxed. The economy will expand as foreign capital and business returns to America to take advantage of the new tax-haven status. Wages and incomes will increase en masse and government will still receive at least the same amount of revenue it takes in today (or perhaps more initially, likely more later on). With the resulting increases in standard of living comes and end to the perceived need for dependence on the welfare state and in turn so will the supposed justifications for bloated levels of government funding.

Remember, the opposition is lying or wrong when they say the FairTax will simply put an additional 23% tax on the current retail price of items and services you buy. (Observe that the VAT tax proposed by some Democrats would do same at its upper level -- a tax which we shan't accept!) Actually, checkout prices will remain nearly the same with the FairTax because imbedded costs due to the old income tax will be removed from those items and services. Note those imbedded costs are roughly the same percentage as the 23% (after sale) FairTax. Also, market forces will put a ceiling on those checkout prices because producers know they will not sell as many products and services if prices go substantially higher. So in the end, everyone receives a bigger paycheck after abolishing federal withholding while they pay nearly the same checkout prices. The sales tax rate can eventually be lowered as the national debt is payed off. This will inherit to us a transparent, low, adequate, more across-the-board national retail consumption sales tax as opposed to excising just a few items in the economy which can bring forth conflict from such interests taxed. Much more information at and . Here is a quick reference:

FairTax Quick View:
Item Shelf Price Imbedded Cost From Drag On Economy Due To Income Tax Checkout Total
(minus state & local sales taxes)
Don't Forget....

Income Tax
$100 $22
(about 22%)
$100 You still have to pay withholding plus any penalties, tax preparers or other filing burdens.


30% @ retail

(Yields a 23%
tax percentage
total bill
after sale.)

$78 Removed:
$100 - $22 = $78

($78 x 1.3)

- or -

(used items, education costs & business production purchases exempt)
No federal withholding! Thus, you can get your gross pay! You also get a monthly prebate check reimbursing the head of household (supplemental X #dependents) for taxation on necessities up to the poverty level! Savings, investments and the poor go untaxed! Government revenue remains the same or goes higher. As the economy grows, your wages & salaries increase!

HEALTH CARE DEBACLE -- Government manipulation of the health care industry has led to higher prices and lower quality. Government puts mandates on health insurance policies for coverage of treatments not necessarily emergencies (infertility, drug rehab, alcoholism, hair pieces, cosmetic surgery, mental health, gynecology, abortion, etc.) . This increases the costs of premiums and encourages the overuse of those treatments that deceptively appear to be at bargain levels. Then Medicare regulations force providers to bill less than cost for treatments and implements a vast bureaucracy to 'monitor' access all while Medicare frequently denies medically advised services to patients causing delay and litigation. In tandem, Medicaid covers health services through state governments with low regard to needs and costs (covering illegals, the double insured, treatments charged by scalpers, etc.) . The program suffers vast fraud and mismanagement -- a major bankrupting issue in state budgets that is emerging. The income tax takes its toll by channeling health insurance through employers whereas independent individual policies and health costs are not adequately tax deductible, but such costs are deductible to employers. So with the aforementioned government mandates on policies, more & more employers are squeezed out of affordable health insurance plans while others offer more extravagant plans in lieu of income-taxable wages which puts more strain on overall premium costs. So do overzealous malpractice suits which are causing malpractice insurance to be so high that doctors begin leaving their practice or profession (think lack of tort reform). This is not to mention HMOs which were basically established by government in an attempt to control costs which government had increased. Here the population is herded into the stringent and absurd regulations of HMO providers.

Because of all the above and the laws against the purchase of health insurance coverage across state lines, consider the possibility that smaller intrastate practices and insurers may be gobbled up into larger statewide co-ops or corporations which furnishes you with less choice, perhaps less personable care and higher prices due in part to lack of competition. Or consider when there is the case of larger firms providing better prices due to having a larger premium pool and a lower proportion of administrative costs yet they are not allowed to take enrollees in other states. Whichever case, laws that prohibit people from purchasing health insurance between states can now, in effect, help impose the expense of statewide monopolies. Consumers are stripped of the ability to shop for more competitive, less expensive coverage provided by insurers in other states whether those firms would have been larger or smaller.

All the interstate restrictions and mandates on this market keep it from being able to really compensate or adjust on behalf of the consumers. Then add to that the myriad of other regulations currently on health care. And now they propose new ones like taxes on health insurance policies and providers, forcing insurers to accept most everyone despite pre-existing conditions, cutting Medicare & Medicaid reimbursements - all of which will drive up premiums even further. And don't worry about the costs of any new government option since with Medicare already so inefficient, the new option's funding can come out of Medicare with deficit-neutral ease. OH, PLEASE!!! These new proposals will undoubtedly bring inconsistent, contradictory and inefficient price shifting between the public and private sectors with lots of fiscal juggling and political theater at your eventual expense. Now you understand the supply and demand imbalance that is making health care more expensive and inaccessible. Is it any wonder why a hospital would charge $50 for a Band-Aid in order to cover the money lost to government manipulations in other areas?

The US Government spends a quarter of the budget on health care which totals greater than $600 billion (before they passed health care reform). Around half of the money transacted in health care was already government money. How will all that massive government money sloshing around encourage lower prices or eliminate middlemen? What is all this money and overregulation for? It is to make the U.S. health care system more like the government-run systems in Great Britain, Canada and Europe. Accordingly, their systems are less in quality and accessibility. Canadians, for example, cross the border to pay for private American health care as opposed to using the strained & delayed public Canadian system. Here at home, despite all the public funding, government manipulation of health care has not improved it but is moving it more towards an inaccessible basket case. However, the Congress, certain staffers and federal employees plus the president are exempt from the recent health care "reform" plan -- now don't you feel special? Why not instead move everyone towards truly free-market health care which made our medical system the best in the world to begin with?

Resist the health care communes -- do not let government get between you and your doctor!

EDUCATION MISMANAGEMENT -- Has the arrogant school board pissed you off yet? Have you finally noticed that they ask for more and more money but the schools only get worse and worse? Heard of funds not going where they should, test scores dropping or misreported? Concerned about D.A.R.E. indoctrinated kids being dosed with Ritalin (similar to cocaine) to curb the rising tide of above average ambition? Why get bussed across town for integrated schools and then create virtually all black colleges? The educrats and education unions resist competition, choice and innovation while imposing their archaic methods to keep the status quo. So parents are now opting for private schools, vouchers, home schooling or charter schools to escape. Again, undue government control leads to massive failure and the more government controls education the worse it will be. Private schools fare better and are on national average less expensive -- by par the tax dollars allocated towards each public school student exceeds private dollars to educate each private student. (Communist Manefesto - 10th plank) Alliance for the Separation of School & State

NATIONAL DEBT DISGRACE -- Check out a neat plan to rid ourselves of the two-party's financial mess they have put America in. Visit the Browne Plan on our main site.

AND BY THE WAY..... Forget about regulating emissions because of "man-made" global warming. It is more reasonable according to the earth's history (and a conducive sun) that we are heading into another Ice Age. See:

COMPARE: Who's Gouging Gas?


About 10¢ per Gal.

FEDERAL TAXES: Around 18¢ per Gal.


Between 6 - 50¢ per Gal.

(Around 22¢ per Gal. ~ Nat'l Avg.)


0 to 20¢ per Gal.

Any existing sales tax on this whole price of a gallon of gas is a double tax since you are paying a tax on those embedded taxes! And just how will new windfall taxes on oil companies' profits help make gas prices more affordable for the consumer?

A lot of the oil acquired by our private oil companies has to be bought off the world market. Foreign state-owned oil companies manage/control/own near 80-90% of the world's oil. These subsidized state-run companies are able to out bid or even impede our private oil companies for access to worldwide oil. On top of that, the nationalized oil companies' inherent inefficiencies and their geopolitics make getting and refining oil more difficult - further adding to the cost for the rest of us. Since all this is the case, then governments are obviously the big gas gougers. See Really Big Oil. (May sometimes require a trial registration to access.)

Take into account that populous India and China are now vying for the world supply of oil which raises prices. Add to that the environmental regulations having different refining formulas for different places and different times of year (summer and winter blend). And we are getting scant or no new refineries nor will the politicians allow for more significant new drilling in America!

Access to America's new found vast oil deposits is hampered due to the politicians' policies like the offshore oil-drilling moratorium, rejections of the XL pipeline, anti-fracking measures, federal leases on oil-dry lands and all the general overregulation of the oil industry. Despite any promise of the abiotic oil theory, the current market is thwarted as the private oil companies are mere pawns of the manipulators.

All these angles on oil should give you a good picture of what is going on.

Assertion Proofs




We need a new way to choose presidents and governors while returning to the tradition of appointing senators. We can also improve the ballot in general and give voice to the third parties and independents. Check out our Bicameral Electoral College page.

Promote a true stimulus through the basics of the Economic Reconfiguration Plan as opposed to the current dubious bailouts, the cap-and-trade hindrances and any statist health-care rationing.

What's happening to our money supply and specifically the world reserve U.S. dollar? We provide a model of one possible currency that illustrates the restorative properties of precious metals which would help return stability to our economic system. There are other hard commodity currencies for refuge as well. See them at Wealthcommon Currency Central.

End the tenure of the career politicians. Put into effect Term, Fallow Period and Time Accrual Limits upon holders of public office.

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