The Commonwealth Party seeks to overhaul the justice system by supporting methods and resources to ensure defendants get quick and speedy, accurate due process. The option of professional jurors trained in impartiality and evidence analysis will be proposed while retaining the defendant's option to selectively discriminate and choose jurors by and from the old system. Jurors will be more adequately compensated and professional jurors will be more sought due to their interest in being part of the jury process. Steps will be taken to ensure that whatever options are used will retain a jury by peers and that open access to those jurors for selection continues. To help fulfill this, an open record of each professional juror's verdict statistics will be made available for the defendant's discrimination.

Accordingly, the public defender system will be more discerned ensuring all defendants get fair and quality representation and the resources for public defender support will be increased using innovative but fair and ethical means.

We advocate greater discernment of civil suits admitted to the judicial system and propose considernment of a loser-pay compensation system.

Judicial races will be eliminated as the populace cannot be expected to adequately discern judges for election. However, referendums to remove particular judges may be considered. Regardless, judges should be appointed not elected.

Judicial activism will be abolished.

Rising upon entrance of the judge and other over-the-top theatrics should be eliminated as this smacks of granting a Title of Nobility.