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Obama: An American Trudeau?

There are some interesting similarities in the backgrounds of history-making biracial presidential candidate Barack Obama and Canada's iconic, 20th-century French-Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Both had dogmatic religious influences on their experience and training. They managed political or policy journalistic works that would help establish them as intellectuals. Both professed law in universities after attending Harvard. They then went into politics. Their political advances rode on waves of cult populism which portrayed them as agents of change. This garnered media and youth enthusiasm, though their parties had doubts.

They also share in having resumes of radicalism. Trudeau was at first a francophone separatist who admired dictators. Young Obama is said to have been mentored by a communist and built associations along those lines. Trudeau was raised in an anti-Semite atmosphere, going so far as to adorn Vichy French chic by riding motorcycles in classic German uniforms about Jewish neighborhoods during WWII. Obama attended a black liberation theologic church for twenty years that preached racial resentment, classist and suspected anti-Semitic views. Trudeau later subscribed to Marxist ideology and considered himself a socialist. Obama started his first political campaign from the house of William Ayers, an American terrorist Marxist-radical of the sixties.

Obama and Trudeau have similar economic plans. Obama supports cap and trade to manage energy policy and Trudeau implemented the National Energy Program which entailed price controls which dearthed the Albertan energy sector. Both have supported increasing unemployment benefits, union control, federal spending and of course more centralization like universal (or government subsidized) health care -- all of which results in economic downfall as Trudeau proved.

Trudeau and Obama evoke considerable criticism from their opposition. We hear accusations of lax towards terrorists and dictators such as appeasements to FLQ or Iran or their praising the communist ends of China's civic structure. There are numerous complaints over their emphasis of federal centralization which lessens freedom, decreases efficiency and supplants private industry and local control. They are derided as elitists from prep-school backgrounds and as dangerous cult figures. One should be wary of their brands of separatism and their radical or socialist pasts. Is it possible that Obama would overreact like Trudeau and declare martial law on a whim?

Of course they have their followers and apologists. It would not be surprising that such are usually the beneficiary factions who gain from the unjust redistributions of wealth or skewed power transfers.

We believe an Obama presidency would be damaging to America as Trudeau's reign was to Canada despite all the populist and media hype to the contrary. So whether it is Trudeaumania or Obamamania, you can see for yourself in the sources below how similar they are in some regards and what effect their policies have on their respective nation.




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Obama: An American Trudeau?