We will preserve the individual rights of homosexuals that are granted to everyone else in our society. However, homosexuals will not be granted any special rights or considerations above any other groups. 'Marriage' already has a specific legal definition and differs from 'homosexual unions', 'gay marriage' or 'same-sex marriage'. Thus, gender-same couples require their own state laws or constitutional amendments in parallel concerning such recognitions.

Nonetheless, the state should not license homosexual (nor hetero) marriages. Instead, all such relations will be contractual with common law and contract law application. No government effort will be made to break up declared homosexual unions. Adoption by parents of the same sex would not be officially recognized or granted for this would be seen as government defining gay parenting as natural a viable function as hetero parenting. Still, no coercive efforts will be made to remove children from unofficial cohabited parental situations short of abuse, neglect or short of fulfilling valid custodial rights or concerns of another relevant party.