Though Commonwealths believe in restricting the role of government and in particular higher levels of government in local affairs (namely federal government), this is not to say that national government does not have some proper role within constitutional bounds to fulfill within regions and localities. Even though we believe that federal government should be smaller, lean and efficient; we still want a federal government that is strong within constitutional bounds. It should be one that can act quickly and decisively within consent, being reserved and surplussed within reason to help meet regional/national/interstate crises and demands such as: patrolling national borders, immigrations, repelling invasions, wars, terrorism, natural disasters and settling state dilemmas and international waters disputes or concerns.

The federal government should be equipped enough to help meet the obligations of certain state and local governments during emergency and without undue intrusion. The spirit of this general outline of federal bounds and assistance can also be applied to other ordinate and subordinate government levels (like state government to county government, county to city government, etc.).

Federal government should base its role on the commonwealth structure of governing.