Since the federal government has amassed way too much land, then except for D.C. all other federal land accumulations by purchase or lease are subject to reduction so to not surpass 7.5% the land area of any particular state nor 5% of the combined landmass of all the states.

Land area over the threshold may be given back to the states or localities or sold. No more than 5% of such land may be sold to legal resident aliens and none of it for non-resident or illegal aliens. Only companies or corporations whose workforce, owners or stockholders, leadership, capital and assets that are at least 80% domestic at time of purchase and have been so on average for the last ten years may purchase of these lands and by stipulation of sale must remain so on average for the following ten years or surrender their deed. Relevant zoning considerations will apply.

Native Americans currently residing on reservations will be given individual ownership or shares to clean accessible land for agriculture, ranching, mineral rights, business or residential purposes. Native American partnerships may be formed to own burial grounds and other historic sites allocated by state and local governments.