The Commonwealth Party is an expansionist party that seeks to expand the borders and territory of the United States or American Commonwealth Republics usually through peaceful means -- namely non-coercive purchases of foreign or foreign controlled lands that may be beneficial to the U.S. or the A.C.R. strategically or economically.

We should advocate purchases that will benefit the seller of said lands as well due to their influx of our capital and the future returns when sharing a common trade border with the U.S./A.C.R. We also advocate such purchases allowing the U.S. or the A.C.R. to develop acquired lands and the infrastructure in them that benefits the land's carry-over residents and future residents economically and socially.

The goals of reaping an eventual return to the economy while getting an adequate tax revenue from the newly acquired territory(ies) plus the spreading of freedom and liberty to more of the world should be pursued through such purchases.