It is intrinsically racist to think that minorities are incapable of sustaining themselves upon their own efforts and that they cannot compete with the majority society in education, jobs, sports and the arts. Minorities have just as much talent, intelligence and capability spread in all areas that other majority groups do. What keeps minorities down today is the establishment's oppressive welfare and social compensation system that doles out little compared to its false promises and actually encourages minorities to rely and be dependent upon the majority's incompetent government social scheme. Look at any Native American reservation and you should get the idea. Dependence upon the majority-provided social net destroys the incentive and the culture of its dependents and relegates them to slaves of the majority's incompetence. Thus, the subsequent denial of minority opportunity for their lack of merit in our economy today is due not merely for race or heritage but from the lack of skills, character and capital all lost due to the erosion of the minority culture from dependence upon the majority's incompetent social programs. Attributing such instances solely to racism is a farce since the same erosion happens to majority citizens who become dependent upon the government social net.

Therefore, we advocate that minorities be set free and that they suffer and enjoy the same economic incentive and rewards that the majority citizens do:

* Work or don't get paid.
* Learn or get left behind.
* Compete or miss out.

These facts of life are what keep the majority citizens striving and accomplishing the higher standards of living and minorities will thrive when they are challenged to do the same. End the abusive government welfare reservations that destroy its subjects!

Segregation that was fought against years ago was imposed by government law. Civil rights movements were movements to repeal laws that denied minorities public access to everyday situations. Thus, there should be no laws that prescribe which rights and privileges should be applied to individuals based upon race or heritage. This is regardless to whether the laws are intended to be pro or con on racial relations. Instead, everyone should be treated the same without regard to their race. Minorities should have the same inalienable rights and enjoy the same general privileges as the rest of society. Accordingly, affirmative action and racial quotas will be eliminated allowing minorities to experience the same privilege of merit-based performance compensation that the majority society enjoys and competes for.

Take note that racial quotas merely cloak and camouflage racist enterprises negating the ability for consumers to punish them in the marketplace and relegates minorities in those companies to token status while their labors contribute to a racist enterprise.

Concurrently, while we are a party that looks down upon racial, religious or ethnic discrimination and the like; it is nonetheless the inalienable right for an individual or private group to deny an access to their own private property or their own business interests. Everyone has the right to deny entrance to their property or dwelling whether or not such denial is reasonable or polite. While we may disagree or speak out against such attitudes, it is not the place of government to deny people the right of association any more than it is to decree segregation. This will apply to business practice as well. A restaurant, for example, may discriminate its patrons on the basis of attire. Why should not a restaurant owner be allowed to exercise their personal though unreasonable prejudice and deny access to the premises which they own? If however, the restaurant takes the patron's money and then does not deliver a meal, the restaurant will be charged with fraud whatever the minority status was of the patron. Should any individual or private group be forced to sell or transact with someone they would prefer not to? Would one force a person having a yard sale to sell to someone they held something against despite how unreasonable their justifications? Remember too that a minority business should also have the right to deny serving the members of a majority as well.

Only when an organized or de facto embargo exists upon some faction of the community which results in the actual denial (not merely inconvenience) of life and liberty simply because of race, religion, ethnicity, etc. will official action be considered. Action will not necessarily resort to government interference but other solutions if available will be used first. For instance, we may use bully pulpits to encourage businesses and services from other communities to come in and serve the oppressed faction. Shame and boycott are also effective measures to use against offending businesses in order to gain access to the goods and services for the oppressed faction. Another option is helping move the oppressed faction to another locale. Only when there are more desperate needs to sustain life, limb, freedom or preventing crime and fraud should official government involvement be necessary. This should not be construed to say that civic leadership action will not be taken against cases less severe than embargo.

As far as government functions upon and including any individual -- all will be treated equal under law and undue racial, religious, ethnic, etc. discrimination will not be tolerated -- due process for all.