Flag of the American Commonwealth Republics


Any substantial attempt by non-citizens or by Mexico or any quasi-nation to annex the southwestern states or beyond in order to establish a nation of Aztlan or Repulica del Norte either through force or through infiltration of government by or on behalf of non-citizens will be met with proper force to subdue insurrection or rebellion.

Further, upon such attempt as described above, we will invoke an American claim to annex the California peninsula, namely Baja California and California Sur. Military force will then be used to secure the peninsula as an American territory until statehood is achieved. Cooperative natives have the option to remain and become American citizens should they wish. English will be the official language of those states.

Any necessary military installations or bases will be erected to these means on or around the peninsula, in its waters or on the islands at our option. Occupational bases may also be erected on the immediate Mexican mainland towards these goals and until the lower Californias are secured.

Commonwealth Party
California Declararation
last revised August 2007