Instead of only relying on acting through legislation and branches of the government, the Commonwealth Party will effect change fairly through other venues such as: consumer activism, education, market demand, community opinion, social/cultural fabric, leadership example, bully pulpits and charitable action. When appropriate, these methods should be considered and carried out before resorting to calling on governing bodies to legislate change. Such methods should be used as an alternative or supplement to legislation when effective goals can be reached which address issues and solve problems for the citizens.

Commonwealths will be a party that is not detached, isolated or distant from the people and community behind the machinations of government and policy -- unlike some other political parties. This will encourage solutions to problems that can be implemented outside of government and better than the government could carry them out itself. A new atmosphere of bold, innovative, market-interactive solutions will come about that are responsive to social and cultural climate. This will help keep our government and institutions from being buried in a sea of laws which become more difficult to track and enforce. There should be as few laws as necessary on the books in order to maximize our freedoms. We will seek a better style of governance by becoming an interactive part of the community to initiate change instead of always resorting solely to government machinations.