The Commonwealth Party is a party that advocates smaller government and favors allocating the distribution of power towards local and regional rule. Higher levels of government should limit themselves from abridging in the affairs of a regional government unless a regional government violates the national principles of the free republic of which it is a part or when there is crisis or calamity where regional governments need assistance in maintaining the order, security and commerce of a free republic. In either case, once regional autonomy is restored in accordance with the free republic principles of the state (namely the U.S. Constitution in America) and the logistics of an emergency have been met and passed, higher government should withdraw and allow internal affairs of the regions(s) in question to resume.

This is not to say that regional and national governments cannot cooperate together on projects and objectives to meet the security and casual commerce interests of a free constitutional republic. However, those national governments should not unduly coerce or force regions and municipalities into fulfilling frivolous policies or programs outside the bounds of a sound constitutional republic. National government should not burden regions and municipalities with directives that are unjustly skewed to benefit only the interests of national government or the unfair interests of other factions of a nation. Whenever representative consent of the region(s) is given towards cooperation then all directives, interests and capitulations should be constitutionally sound.

National and regional government (provincial, prefecture, states) should operate in the style of or be structured in the form of a commonwealth.