Flag of the China Commonwealth


The banner above is a flag on behalf of the China Commonwealth. The character on it stands for 'freedom' or 'liberty'.

During the Olympic Games in '08, it would be nice to have some of the crowds in attendance display this flag if they can get away with it. So, if you can reproduce it and smuggle it in for the cameras somehow, great for you!

We hope our Tiannammen Square friends will be honored by such a display, wherever it can be found. We too are now struggling with them, though they have had to go through much more. However, as history progresses, we may find very tough times ahead for our own nation as it faces all sorts of diabolical elements from inside and out.

Assuming there will be an olympics in '08 after a possible war/terror attacks or economic crisis, we hope all the athletes perform to their best abilities and that the proletariat smog in Beijing is subdued or at least effects everyone on an equal basis so as to not alter the outcome of the awards. Good luck to all athletes. Spectators -- enjoy the city and games!

Commonwealth Party
Beijing Banner
last revised August 2007